CNN’s Daren Kagan Just Left Me Speechless!

“We are starved for news about Hollywood’s Rich and Famous!” - Daren Kagen - CNN - 10:50 AM - May 12. 2006

This comment preceded some Hollywood gossip ‘news.’

I am speechless. Think about it!

3 Responses to “CNN’s Daren Kagan Just Left Me Speechless!”

  1. WillyD says:

    As if the country needs more “Hollywood news” What a bunch of crap!

    Our country is going down the tube, and they think we need more info about the “rich and famous”. How sad!!!

  2. Passenger57 says:

    They edited out the rest of her comment: “…I know I am, anyway…because if I hear one more thing about the administration I support pissing in our faces and telling us that it’s raining-and leaving us lapdogs to explain why this ‘rain’ is warm and yellow-I’m going to start taking hostages!!!”

  3. dori says:

    Besides Democracy Now! and at times Keith Olberman, there is no news. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert inform us more than any ‘news’ program. If it weren’t for the internet(s) we would know nothing…..something like the people who are ‘informed’ by Fox News.

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