Should We Remove Our Criminal Media Yet? Or Do You Want to Bend Over and Take More?

So here we are, living in America, world’s leading source of democracy (we actually live in a republic…but that is far too difficult for the average NASCAR fume inhaling American to understand…so I will speak in simple terms so that simple flag waving segment of society can understand me).

Of course we all know that democracy is the world’s best known form of representative government…right? Of course you know that the only way to maintain a representative government is to include the people in the decisions made by the representatives and to allow only the citizens to select those representatives…right? And of course you know that the main function of the press in a democracy is to preserve that democracy by keeping the public informed about the issues that affect that democracy…right?

So I suppose that if you have an election and hundreds of controversial computerized voting machines fail we might be a little concerned about the legitimacy of our democratic process of representation…right? So I suppose that the democracy preservers in the press would monitor such situations and report this vital news to the people of the nation…right?

So I suppose that if you have a situation where hundreds of insecure controversial voting machines that come from controversial companies with strong political ties, fail during an election and your democracy preservers in the press fail to report this to the public you can pretty much say that the press is failing to do their mail job…right?

So I ask you this…if the press fails to do their most important job…and they continue to hide information related to the vulnerability and compromising of our democracy…are they not criminally negligent?

Yes, I know…it is illegal to call for an overthrow of an institution in this nation. But it is not illegal to protect out nation from enemies domestic and I submit to you that the American corporate media are the sole common entity that permit enemies domestic to obliterate our democracy and our planet, out of sight of the unsuspecting public. Without a legitimate press we will never end the cycle of crime perpetrated by the people who control both our political process and our media. Taking this into account I reiterate the message of the entire project: The American corporate media is the #1 enemy of the American people.

What will it take before the American people turn on the members of the press in this nation? When will the American people take to the streets and place under citizen arrest the members of the press who actively shield criminals who are assaulting our Constitution and our democracy? Where are all the patriots? Where are all the Americans? Where the hell are all the journalists? Think about it!

4 Responses to “Should We Remove Our Criminal Media Yet? Or Do You Want to Bend Over and Take More?”

  1. ricky_radical says:

    With all due respect I must take issue with you on this blog. We are dealing with a feeding chain in America right now and the media is merely a puppet and somewhere in the middle of this feeding chain. I see the real enemy as the Federal Reserve Bank and Corporate America. Those two sharks are at the top of the feeding frenzy going on now in the country. These two carnivores require wars and they operate in every country in the world now. The Federal Reserve of course is part of the World Bank which has offices all over the world and of course corporations are bleeding the people all over the world. The press is owned by corporate America so you have to go up the feeding chain and place blame where it really belongs and in a word that is Capitalism. It just does not work for us, the rubes in the street and why on earth anyone would support it is beyond my comprehension. We will see no change whatsoever until Capitalism is derailed and dumped.

  2. Jesse says:

    Rickey_Radical - I hear you on the Federal Reserve and the central banks in general but if we had a real media this huge scandal would be public. People would know how we have been sold out to the counterfitter/loan sharks known as central bankers.

    The media is not in the middle of the chain…it is the tool of the ruling elite. It is their little hypnotism tool. Fix the media…educate the public…and we have a revolt against the injustice.

    People like you have to keep aleting people. Well…you sound crazy to them because you have to counter the cult of false reality created by the media. If the media portrayed reality your worries about the Fed may one day be exposed.

    Regardless of the injutice…the media is the keeper…they control what injustice is even accepted as reality.
    Well…that’s my opinion.

  3. rbank says:

    What is really unlawful is the fact that they don’t tell us information until after it is too late to change people’s minds on who to vote for. Case in point waiting until after the elections to tell us that king george is spying on us. Now after 56 months Judy Miller tells us that the white house knew that 911 was coming. She waited until after the election and the fucking war to tell us. Do you realize how many lifes would have been saved if they had printed this information before the election?

  4. Cartel_Psyops_Guy says:

    COOKED @ AMERIKA – Cartel Psyops State

    To ricky_radical, and Jesses’ theme point:

    “The press is owned by corporate America so you have to go up the feeding chain and place blame where it really belongs and in a word that is Capitalism.”

    “The media is not in the middle of the chain…it is the tool of the ruling elite.”

    No offense but the above are commonly held skin-deep views of the issue. Our prevailing system is NOT capitalist and no more random than organized corporate crime. The west and most of the globe lives and dies under a de facto CARTEL PSYOPS STATE (for form and function). A masked fascist oligarchy that makes a killing hoax of what the founders intended in capitalist (as in genuine competitive free market) democracy wherever it is advertised.

    The “Federal Reserve” Corporation (not federal and minus any reserves but a cooked Ponzi sting) is the chief monopolist tool that enables and enforces the Cartel Psyops State. However, downstream secondary cartels (MSM, Big Oil, et al) are as rigged as private central banks and have been since before the Gilded Age.

    Without a toy poodle MSM and “education” establishment, the Cartel Psyops State would have been busted wide open long, long ago.

    I’ll have a blog up (title: 911 –> THE VAMPIRE STATE) on this soon at GNN…

    DOCTOR ALBERT EINSTEIN (Nobel Laureate and refugee from Nazi fascism. 1879-1955)

    PAUL WARBURG - (February 17, 1950, in testimony before the US Senate. Warburg was an agent of the Rockefeller-Rothschild bloc and chief architect of the “Federal Reserve” Corporation, a private bank monopoly set up for cartel hegemony. Paul Warburg was the son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. who financed Lenin and Trotsky’s “Bolshevik Communist Revolution” thru James’ brother Max, banker to the German government.)

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