Homeless Veterans: Reagan Would Be Proud

I remember when that wonderful super patriot Ronald Reagan, in an attempt to cut federal spending, cut federal funding to several programs that resulted in the loss of jobs for people who worked in the mental health industry. It also resulted in the “release” or “eviction” of many mental patients who had nowhere to live. This resulted the creation of the deranged homeless society that is still quite visible on the streets of every major city in our nation. How is that for compassion?

The wonderful Republican hero Reagan had done this before. As governor of California Reagan also assaulted the mental health care establishment resulting in the closing of many facilities.

We know that Republicans could care less about the mentally ill, but you would think that these flag-waving war-mongering false patriots would give a damn about the veterans of the wars that they love to send others to go and fight. Well, think again. Republicans, who seem to love war more than sex, money, happiness, food, air and NASCAR, (as long as others do the fighting), have done nothing to stem the epidemic of homeless veterans in our nation. Democrats (in government) have not done much either, but in many cases they have tried. Democrats who are not in government seem to understand this but they are oblivious to the reality that for the most part the so called Democrats in our government stop being Democrats the moment that they are elected.

Let me say something to my yellow flag waving friends: the words “homeless” and “veteran” should never need to be used in the same sentence. Ever! Actually the words “homeless” and “person” should never need to be used in the same sentence at this point in human development. But greed and the sociopathic lack of compassion in an America that values the dollar above human decency has permitted the homeless veteran epidemic to exist and flourish.

I have been called a liberal by many people who do not know what “liberal” means and think that it is a bad word. Well I am not a liberal for the most part, but if you call me a liberal because I think that our nation should provide the minimum living requirements for men and women who fought to protect us, instead of reducing taxes on the greedy sons of bitches who sent these people to war so that they could make their millions in the first place, - then by golly I am indeed a proud liberal.

I sit patiently as I wait for the day that the American public finally comes to the realization that supporting Republicans is not supporting the troops it is supporting the people who become rich because of the sacrifices made by the troops. It is the liberal, the compassionate liberal, the bleeding heart liberal, who supports our troops and it is high time that we establish this in the consciousness of American society. Think about it!


  • House Conservatives Cut $500M Off Vet Bill - House conservatives, rejecting protests from fellow Republicans who said they were depriving troops of needed support, stripped $500 million in military projects from a veterans spending bill Friday. Democrats in turn said GOP-backed tax cuts and a tight budget passed two days ago were behind a fiscal crisis leading to the cuts.

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  1. kershen121 says:

    Thank you for that stirring editorial. I would love to say more, but you have just about said it all.

  2. rbank says:

    Jesse, I work with the mentally ill. The programs are getting cut that make their lifes livable. I don’t think that the government liberated these people when they put them out of the hospitals. They are the victims of society. In Michigan John Engler took the first steps to making mental health a private health care system by forming mental health authorities. Mental health workers are underpaid and over worked. WHen the clients first left the hospitals (Many who were said to be unfit to live in the community) they were placed in foster homes. These are privately run. The provider gets all but $44 of the clients money. They basically get four hots and a cot. Most of the food they are given is boxed and cheap. THe staff that is hired is barely out of high school and some appear to be special ed. I have seen some of the providers even hire felons to take care of these very fragile people. THe authories have resulted in mangled care, i.e. more high paid administration staff but less line staff to work for the clients. We have lots of fancy furniture and booklets but not many programs that really help the clients. The new trend is for these people to live semi independently or independently. THe good thing about that is that the government saves money. Instead of giving them $790 to pay for their foster care placement they will recieve $590 to live off. THere are lots of specialized private programs that charge lots of money coming to the area but basically they are the same thing as the foster homes except there is more uneducated staff to talk to each other and ignore the clients. In the mean time the programs that currently make things better for these people are being cut so that the richest 1% can have more money. I’m really worried about the mentally ill vets that are coming home from the war. They deservc the best and will not get it. But although I can not change the world I do work hard to try to make the world a better place for the 53 people that I work with.

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