Jesse on the Record: U.S. President John Edwards & the Late Hugo Chavez

I want this on the record: Unless something suddenly changes John Edwards will be the next U.S. President and I’ll tell you why. John Edwards has “charmed” the Bilderberg Group. This is the group of government, military, financial and industrial leaders who meet in secret each year to discuss “things.” These are the people who, as far as I see, run this plant for the most part. These people represent the leadership of all of the organizations that comprise our secret government including the Council on Foreign relations & the Trilateral Commission. Like Tony Blair and other people who came out of nowhere to lead their nation, Edwards was taken in by this powerful yet secretive group. I originally made this prediction just prior to the 2004 election where I said that Kerry would loose due to election fraud and that Edwards would be the next selection of this cabal. I also think that Al Gore will be the real people’s choice, as was Howard Dean, and like Dean the powerful people behind the scene will do something to destroy his candidacy if he does indeed run. Keep in mind that Gore, like Clinton, is or was a Council on Foreign Relations member. How else do you think Clinton came out of nowhere to be president?

On another note Hugo Chaves is now becoming a threat to the capitalist globalism cabal that is setting the global agenda. He is getting real attention from the people of the world and he represents something that can not be tolerated by the fascist regimes that masquerade as democracies. He represents a government model where the people of the nation benefit from the assets and resources of the nation. Capitalism, or fascism, currently being falsely described as globalism, places corporations and the profits of the very rich above the citizens and creates an environment where these greedy entities derive all the benefits and profits from a nations recourses and assets at the peril of the people. I have a feeling Chavez will be assassinated and as usual the U.S. will be behind it. The impact of this will be worse for the people of the world than the assassination of John F. Kennedy in that Chavez represents hope for an entire continent that has been the victim of the central banks and western oppression.

The US is currently pouring $millions into groups that oppose Chavez, in essence funding a rebellion or coup. This would be nothing new for America has a long history of destroying democracies in this manner.

Call me crazy but I think I am pointing out the obvious. I just wanted to get on the record so that if these things happen you may start taking crazy paranoid tin foil hat wearing people like me seriously! Think about it!

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  1. Eckfan says:

    You’ve got me really intriqued. You say Edwards has “charmed” the Bilderberg Group but you didn’t elaborate in any way. And where does Feingold fit in this equation? I think he’s much more the “people’s candidate” than Gore. And what about McCain, he’s been doing alot of “charming”, he’s proven himself quite the lapdog. If the Bilderberg Group is so powerful (which I have no doubt they are), why did they allow such election fraud?

  2. rbank says:

    I thought that Edwards was for the working fokes. WHy would the powerful want someone in office who is the son of a working man, and appears to care for the workers? I’m still pretty depressed about the stolen election. Why would they do this to us? Hadn’t we been through enough?

  3. Jesse says:

    U.S. Sen. John Edwards at Bilderberg - LINK

    McCain is already being attacked. If you watch how the media behaves you know what the people behind the scenes are thinking. You have ton’s of politicians being bood at public venues. Gonzales has been protested time and time again yet you see very little coverage. When McCain gets bood it gets full coverage. It is like Dean. When the people beind the scenes realized Dean was for real and he was getting the public support they killed him and moved Kerry up.

    Remember the Dean scream? Well do you know ANYONE who supported Dean who changed their mind about him when that happened? I don’t yet we are told his poll numbers dropped like a lead balloon! Nonesense…the media told us that we did not support him so that we would shift our support accordingly.

    The same will happen to Gore. Edwards is their man. McCain is not. McCain actually represents a maverick which is the last thing that they want.

    Remember all of the good guys fell under the control of these people.

    Reagan was “approached” by the Trilatrals…then he all of a sudden selected Bush as a running mate. Something he vowed not to do.

    Carter was a peanut farmer!!! He was escorted through his foreign policies by a head of the Trilaterals…Zbignew Brzezinski.

    Mr. Arkansas pervert (don’t get me wrong…he is brilliant and very qualified to be a president), had no experience when he vaulted on to the public scene…but he did have his new Council on Forein Relations membership to help him get by.

    Bush Sr…well, he is one of the very powerful people in the leadership society.

    Edwards has been compromised. - U.S. Sen. John Edwards at Bilderberg - LINK

    Although it does appear that the current cabal has taken control and is not permitting the people behind the scenes to run the show. That is not sitting well. That is why they are taking a public beating. That is why the 9/11 issue is getting some press. That is why the generals are speaking out. That is why we keep hearing polls that do not reflect well on them. Let me tell you this…public support has NEVER been with these guys but it is only now that we are allowed to hear this…over and over…and over!!! Why do you think that is? Someone…some people have decided to replace the management team. The board of directors are not happy with the current management.

    That is how our government works.

    I reiterate…this is simply my opinion. But if I am correct…we should all take notice.

  4. Eckfan says:

    Jesse, Thanks for the link on Edwards and the comments on McCain and the powers that be. I’ve been quite confused lately as to why they would let Bush get things so out of control. And it’s been quite obvious they are him leaving out to hang (Colbert being one example). I supported Edwards 110% in 04. And I knew it was obvious he knew a lot that he wasn’t going to tell. Very interesting times ahead indeed.

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