OSAMA: A 757 Hit the Pentagon!

Just in time to stem the tide of ballooning public suspicion of the official story of 9/11 sparked by the newly released Pentagon tapes, the newly camera shy Osama bin Laden takes full responsibility for 9/11!

Yes, an unconfirmed tape of bin Laden surfaced yesterday, AFTER the Moussaoui trial, to tell everyone that he was directly responsible for the events! That was very nice of bin Laden being that he would probably benefit greatly by having the public suspect the Bush administration of being responsible for the events.

Too bad bin Laden no longer makes video tapes. He must be very shy all of a sudden.

By the way…bin Laden also said that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, building 7 fell to the ground in 6 seconds because Atta’s body was hurled like a missile into the building after impact with the tower, Rove had nothing to do with the Plame leak, the $billions we are paying to Halliburton is very effective in defeating his people and that the new electronic voting machines strike fear in all Al Qaeda members. Oh I forgot…he also said that the only way to keep America safe from his people is to outlaw same sex marriage!

Swallow that you stupid Americans! You know…if Karl Rove dressed up like bin Laden and made a public appearance there would be a large number of Americans who would fall for it!

I wonder if Bush pays bin Laden standard public relations fees…and I wonder who is playing the role of bin Laden these days. Think about it!


  • New Zogby Poll Frightens Masters Of Terror Into Releasing ‘Bin Laden Tape’ - The outcome of the poll was that 45% supported calls for a new inquiry on behalf of Congress or an international tribunal and that 42% believed the 9/11 Commission was a cover-up. -Exactly 24 hours later, an audio tape alleged to contain the voice of dead CIA intelligence asset Osama bin Laden renforced the myth that he had personally directed 19 incompetent Arabs to carry out the attack. - This is an inept attempt to bolster the ‘Bin Laden did it’ fraud one day after the Zogby poll was released The emergence of bin Laden tapes repeatedly coincide with watershed moments either politically or from the 9/11 truth movement. See our archive for previous examples of this ridiculous theatre.

5 Responses to “OSAMA: A 757 Hit the Pentagon!”

  1. kershen121 says:

    you forgot to mention something about you selling me the Brooklyn bridge in your editorial. Something to do with….”if you believe all this”

  2. Jesse says:

    I’ll sell you the bridge. Make me an offer:-)

  3. Munchi Mike says:

    Oh Thank God !
    At last we find out !!!

    Whew ! I’m SURE glad that’s over.
    I bin wonderin’ who did all that fancy footwork.

    So, Bin,
    how DID you turn off those transponders,
    and just exactly WHERE are they and
    WHAT do they look like anyway??!!!
    And how did you git Cheney to stand down all those EXTRA
    military guys that just happened to be ON DUTY playing
    FIVE war games right in THAT SECTOR !!

    ( Wouldn’t that have been a BAD time to try to pull off the most
    obscene coup of the MILLENIUM ???!!! )

  4. Munchi Mike says:

    Say uh, Mr. Laden sir,
    I have some more questions for you,
    NOW that you’ve fessed up,
    look ‘em over and git back to me if you have such HUGE cojones.

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