CNN’s Miles O’Brien Should be the Next Global Warming Related Fatality!

CNN’s Miles O’Brien did a piece on the new movie about global warming “Inconvenient Truth”; or so I was told. I watched Mr. O’Brien interview a spokesman from because they are involved in a promotional related to the film.

O’Brien was not interested in the least about the film. His questions related to why, a company owned by the same person who owns the Bush administration PR firm known as FOX News, is promoting a film that involves Al Gore. One of Miles’ first questions to the rep questioned if Myspace is making money off of this. The rep said absolutely not and that they were involved in this issue because there is perhaps no more important issue facing the world.

Let me repeat that…the spokesman told CNN’s Miles O’Brien that they were addressing global warming because there is no issue of greater importance facing the people of the world. Miles’ response to this…he went on to question the spokesman about the concerns of parents when it came to predators on the Internet!

Miles continued the interview, never asking a single question about the film or the issue of global warming. He changed the topic to Internet security. The graphics people eventually changed the topic title on the screen from “Inconvenient Truth” to “Internet Safety”!
This is how Miles’ O’Brien, a so called journalist, addressed what is possibly the most important issue facing all living beings on this planet.

Please allow me to be the first person to openly wish that Miles O’Brien and all of his dearest family members be the first to perish in the next global warming related storm.

I am sorry for the unusually hostile tone of this message but there comes a time when the American public must awake to the severity of the problem when it comes to the media’s active role in the betrayal and endangerment of the people of the world. They partake in massive deception campaigns for the purpose of shaping public opinion and they create public support or public ignorance about the most vital issues that we face. Most of the time they do this against the best interest of the people and in the best interest of the corporate ruling class.

Here is a copy of my note to CNN this AM:

“Miles was marvelous! I am amazed how he hijacked the issue of global warming and turned it into an issue about without even asking one single question about the most important issue our planet faces. I am also impressed at how your graphics person caught up with him by changing the topic midstream!

I can’t wait for the CNN news report telling us how Miles O’Brien dies in the next hurricane! That would make my day!
You people are the enemy of all living human beings and when enough of them realize this…watch out!”

I sent this message only because the law prohibits me from committing murder. At least I was able to share my thoughts.

Please forgive me for my open hostilities today but I am in a state of rage right now!

I have to tell you, I have seen a non-stop flow of media deception over the past few years but I can not recall wanting to lash out in a violent rage against a TV criminal like I do right now against Miles O’Brien. All I can say is that he better not float by me when the tides set in because at that point all bets will be off and I may not respect the law as I do now! Think about it!

2 Responses to “CNN’s Miles O’Brien Should be the Next Global Warming Related Fatality!”

  1. fido says:

    Well Jesse, you’re in flying form today. I tend to agree with you on this. It is hard to believe that people still trust scientists that swear there is no global warming crisis. I believe NASA has just sent up some weather satellites to better monitor the storms as they develop, so they can see them as they get more severe. Earlier warning of impending disaster so they can warn citizens to head for safety. What a great plan. How can we believe the lying paid scientists that only support their argument by claiming this is a natural cycle the earth goes through. There is a rumor now that there is a report coming analysing the last 400 years of climate on earth. The spike since the Industrial Revolution will of course be the highlight and will be explained as nothing to do with mans increased pollution and scurrying activity, thanks to the burning of fossil fuels. After all, the converted energy is not wasted. It is converted into soot and gases that add to the cleansing burden of the earth biosphere, that has reached a balance over millions of years. There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action and this is what we are witnessing. I only hope that there is an equal opposite reaction to the lying coverup MSM as well and people like O’Brien are dealt a merciless blow from an angry Gaian earth.

  2. jared says:

    Wow. To be so freaking worried about others killing people, you sure do have a violent streak, clearly evidenced by wishing harm to Miles O’Brien (…AND HIS FAMILY?) No, you wouldn’t dare take matters into your own peace loving hands. You would hide behind a storm and let it do your dirty work. Sounds sort of like a evil leader sending out his minions to murder his enemies and their families. C’mon Jesse, you just blew your credibility. Do you think “CNN” or “Any NN” will take you seriously now. Do you think Miles’ daughter or little sister or grandmother would ? Perhaps they do. Isn’t that a shame? You sure are a big man now aren’t you? Go on hating our troops and the good people who serve this country. You are only rotting your own soul. If you truly cared about your fellow man, you wouldn’t spew hate. However, I think ones words are quite telling of ones intellegence level. Much like a lazy comic uses filth to shock with as opposed to a smart comics creative use of language and character to relate to our own experiences.
    So, don’t be lazy and hate. Resist the urge to take the easy route of your base nature by being RE-active. Be smart, as I’m sure you probably truly are, and be PRO-active. Do something smart Jesse. Build your Credibilty Rating. Then go out and change the world for the better.
    Oh and about the religion thing, I learned to change myself from what you are now into what I am now from the “religion” that I learned in the Bible. No I’m no more loved by God than you are. But I’m (trying) not to make deposits into the nature of hate either.

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