Now I Know How Nazi Germany Developed

It’s kind of like watching a bad movie where all the super villains assemble to form the super team of bad guys. Watching five years of Bush appointees pass through or circumvent the Congressional approval process can not be much different than watching Hitler assemble his regime.

It seems like every person who has ever failed our nation, violated the Constitution, lied to the public, violated human rights, cheated the taxpayer or spent time in prison for committing crimes while in government has either been appointed, promoted or has received lucrative contracts by George W. Bush.

We live in a nation where the good guy does not only finish last, but gets destroyed. This is a nation controlled by the bad and the ugly. The worst of the worst continue to hold every key important position in our nation. Every key official is eyeball deep in controversy. There is not one single Bush appointee that I can think of who does not have direct conflicts of interest with the intended purpose of his or her position within our government. This is an administration of foxes guarding the preverbial hen houses!

How much more will we take? How much more has to happen before the situation becomes irreversible? We will never recover from the damage being done to the nation, the world and the planet itself as a result of the current leadership in Washington; but maybe the destruction can at least be halted. Think about it!

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  1. ricky_radical says:

    I am on the same page in history as you my main man and I have a few words that may soften the misery we both share by living amidst the foul smelling vermin that rule us. Look at it this way, there is a bird that rises out of the ashes and it’s name is Phoneix and that is the title of this post. I say bring on the destruction of our economy and that is done without any violence or firing of a single fire arm and it destroys the system that oppresses us. All those lying journalists and sleazy politicians might even jump out of windows to the hard pavement below. Of course the money managers will take a dive also and that crap shoot of a party called the stock market will be sure to fail. Signs indicate the housing market is going south and the stock market cannot be that far behind what with being supported only by the drug cartel money it launders. Now the key to the American Revolution of 2006 is linked to the very commodity that started this conflagration in the first place! Talk is rampant now about the Iran Oil Bourse, Hugo Chavez wants to dump the dollar and Russia’s Putin wants the Rubel to replace the worthless dollar so there is hope yet for crushing the capitlist pigs! Keep the faith this could be worth watching. The key is economic strangulation of the serpent money!

  2. rbank says:

    So true Jesse, today my heart was heavy because the Democrates did not vote agains Hayden. Or the imagration bill. king georgie’s polls are at 31% and they still don’t stand up to him. Yes,yes georgie what ever you want. Halibutrin can build walls between the US and Mexico and continue to milk the American tax payer. Big business can continue to drive a wedge between members of the population and continue to exploit the poor imagrate who can not speak English. THey are not taking the jobs Americans don’t want, they are being paid under the table to drive down the wages that were once middle class jobs. The republicans will write laws that make it okay to spy on us and the democrates will go along. THey say that if we just vote for them in November they will fix things, but they have no plans to impeach king george so what difference does it make? THey allowed him to steal 2 elections, lie us into war, spy on us, give his friends a tax break, torture people, imprison people without representation exc. They say he only has 2 more years. I look at the damage he has done in 5 years and wonder where their heads are. I am angry and hurt. Until the democrates are willing to stand up to king george I wish they would stop sending me emails asking for money that I can not respond to.

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