For the Troops on Memorial Day: A Real President

One of the harshest comments made by George W. Bush during his time as “president via election coup” has to be his proud declaration of being a “wartime president!” I can not adequately describe the sick feeling I got in my stomach as I watched the Oval Office occupant smile as he talked about making all of his decisions from the point of a war time president. Needless to say I was thoroughly disgusted with George W. Bush as a human being as I am with all the people in my nation who look positively on a leader whose only method of addressing problems or issues is by the use of deadly force.

The actions of this administration have actually caused me to give pause when it comes to the most patriotic notion of supporting the troops. This administration has morphed our service men and women into murdering machines who will fight for a cause that does not exist. I watch as U.S. military school graduates vigorously cheer a vice president who proudly declares that his administration has no intention of adhering to the U.S. Constitution and will continue their policy of spying on Americans. This administration has hijacked our military and is turning them into a weapon to defeat the U.S. Constitution. I can only support a military that is there to protect our Constitutional rights; I can not support one whose mandate is to violate it or whose members support those who do.

Under this administration the U.S. military has been used, abused, lied to, put into situations where their human dignity and decency could and has been compromised and where the new up and coming crop of military leaders do not recognize the clauses in their oath that requires them to protect the U.S. Constitution. This administration has made the U.S. Military a symbol of shame, a tool of tyranny and an enemy of the U.S. Constitution.

What our military, our nation and the world needs is a “peace time president!” Any moron criminal can create war, especially when others are there to do the fighting. A real leader should be able to bring about peace and should be able to address issues with reason, confidence and with the security provided by our military. If the cause is just no lies need to be told. If the cause is just no shots fired would be questioned. The military must no longer be under the control of people with unjust causes and inadequate leadership qualities.

For the sake of our troops, our nation and the world America needs a peace time president. Think about it!

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  1. ricky_radical says:

    Kudos To You Jesse! A beautiful tribute on a shameful day! I will only add one suggestion to all the readers on this relevant site and that is to turn your flags upside down and when we get a peace president flip them back. I do not have an American flag but I have two American flag magnets on my vehicle and they are upside down and will stay that way! We are in trouble!

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