Surreal Government Hypocrisy

Our current Congress, the body that passed not one but two “Patriot Acts”, and has stood by as our government has partaken in a full out anti human/civil/Constitutional assault on the people of our nation and of the world, is now crying because their rights are being violated!

Unlike the millions or even billions of the INNOCENT people whose rights are being trampled with the full cooperation of Congress, the issue that our criminal Congress is complaining about involves what appears to be a clear case of criminal corruption!

Our nation is out of its collective mind. Simply put, the issue of protecting the rights of criminals in our Government has replaced the efforts of protecting the Constitutional rights of our citizens.

Again…simply put…this nation needs nothing less of a total purging of our leadership. Our current government should be replaced by a legitimate body of legally elected officials with zero ties to big industry, the military industrial complex and especially banking of any kind! Addressing this dilemma as if it were business as usual will do nothing more than permit the destruction of America to continue. Think about it!

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  1. ricky_radical says:

    It just isn’t going to happen at election time! Besides being rigged the elections offer no choices and in the near future the choices will be even worse. Jeb Bush for President I hear, Con Rice for President I have heard, couple that with about 65 percent of the nation of dumbed down dolts still believe in voting the lesser of two evils. Well, you and I both know that both are evil and not worthy of a vote. Conclusion; since it won’t happen within our country i.e. at the polls then it must happen outside this country i.e. another war. What the hell, here I go with an invitation to every left wing army in the world. Put it to our current president and force him to step down. Sounds simple and I am afraid too simple so that is pie in the sky so I guess it is just hopeless unless the stock market takes a deep dive and we get another depression, that might wake up the masses but I doubt it. Keep flying that flag upside down, we are in distress!

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