I, Too, Would Become a Suicide Bomber!

I am quite horrified with the world these days. I am disgusted with my fellow ignorant Americans who believe that persecuting homosexuals and blindly trusting their government are more important than protecting the planet and our wonderful Constitution. I am disgusted at the fact that these people base such important decisions on tiny little incomplete bits of information delivered to them personally by the most biased sources imaginable.

I am most horrified and outraged at the vile bigotry, hatred and horrors brought to the people of this world in the name of religion! In my opinion no act that brings about sadness, physical harm or punishment of others who have not hurt anyone, should ever be conducted in the name of religion, period!

I often ask myself why I should continue to live in a world full of people who are working to end life on Earth and people who are too preoccupied to care about those life enders. It is clear to me that I continue my quest to make this world a better place simply because I have a few people in my life that make my efforts worth the while.

Now I imagine myself in a situation where some of my few loved ones were killed. Killed perhaps by a U.S. Marine who “accidentally”  blows up my parents home because there were reports of a person living next door to them who looked like a terrorist or l should say he looked a person who our government, without any legitimate justification, classified as a terrorist.

I also imagine my loved ones being murdered by an Israeli soldier in Israel because they were peace activists working to prevent Israeli soldiers from using U.S. made bulldozers to destroy the himes of innocent people as they practice the international crime against humanity known as collective punishment. Or maybe they were simply trying to prevent the Israeli soldiers from practicing one of their other crimes against humanity like destroying the food supply of a civilian population by dozing olive trees or destroying water wells.

All I can tell you is this. If any of these imaginary things ever happened to me I can imagine that I might go on a rampage the likes the world has never seen from a single individual human being. I can not imagine anything that would be too outrageous for me to do after watching powerful weapon toting government operated street gangs destroy the good people in my life. I would be as angry at the people who ignored these atrocities as I would be at the people who conducted them.

I can imagine that is why Americans can never again in our lifetime feel safe. The U.S. invasion of Iraq has created a generation of rage the likes that I have described above. The George W. Bush administration has created a generation of rage that Americans will have to pay for. Then again Americans will have to pay for everything this administration has done from invading Iraq to reducing environmental protections - and boy oh boy they have no idea the price they will be paying! Think about it!

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  1. anthny says:

    Well Jesse, if the idiots that never heard you ever read you they would most likly become aware of our destruction of the world and all thats worth living for….yeah pay backs are a bitch and the ones that have to pay back will most likly be our childrens grand children…since peck oil is only around the next corner I think we will all be living in the dark intill somebody comes up with a alternative fuel to run our economy. But living in the dark might not be that bad if it stops us from killing our neighbors….the thing that really got to me was yesterdays vote by the supreme court that voted to 5-4 in favor of arresting the whistle blowers that watch the criminals in charge of this… once could have been great country…I say could have been great country because ever since Wilson signed the law in favor of the Federal Reserve Bank..and he did it on a Christmas holiday when nobody was in Washington….of course his conscience got the best of him and he even said “I think I just wrecked my country” or something like that….anyway now that we are aware of the bullshit that runs our country what do we do to inform the ignorant who don’t care about the right and worng of what we do, My brother is one of the ignorant who has drank the cool aid and you can talk till your blue in the face about whats going on and he still will not believe even with the proof in front of his eyes….I think we are paying some Karmic Debt right now for Viet Nam or some other war.
    Jesse keep up the fight, lets be positive that evil will self destruct like in the comic books or some other fiction!

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