Update 2 & Photos From 9/11 Truth Conference in Chicago

What a great weekend. 5 rooms, packed to the rafters, overflowing with people while the lobby, hallways, restaurant, bar and entrance played host to the remainder of the enthusiastic crowd.

Although I could not see every presentation that I would have like to, I will write a bit about the few that I was able to attend.

Presentation: Pat Shannan, Investigative reporter. www.patshannan.com - Topic: Government Atrocities and the News Media Cover-Up: Pat was initially going to detail the Oklahoma City bombing as it was in his opinion, and in the opinion of many others, the precursor to 9/11. However Pat was so forthcoming with information on topic ranging from President Lincoln to the assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, RFK and MLK that he was never able to get to the Oklahoma City information! While one guest was unhappy with Pat’s portrayal of Abraham Lincoln and eventually left the presentation, the rest of the standing-room-only crowd was pretty much mesmerized. Mr. Shannan made it clear that the media does not exactly represent realty.

I spent some time talking to many of the visitors and presenters. I had lunch with Carol Brouillet, leading 9/11 activist, creator of the Deception Dollar and maker of the film Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush!, which we will offer to our readers next week. We discussed effective activism among a variety other things.

Next up:

Presentation: Meria Heller  - Leading Internet Journalist/Radio Host  - www.meria.net  I missed the beginning of her presentation but what I was able to catch can only be described as brilliant. Meria spoke about being one of the first Internet radio pioneers. She spoke of news and information that you won’t find in our corporate media; like health issues, vaccines, real news, etc. One of Meria’s past guests was in the audience - Charles Shaw (http://chuckville.gnn.tv/). He was openly grateful for and appreciative of Meria’s support and work. His sentiments were felt by all in the audience.

Presentation: Ralph Shoenman  - Genius - http://www.takingaim.info/ 9/11 and the Capitalist State: The Underlying Politics.  As usual Ralph got my blood boiling. The information that he shares about the conduct of our nation when it comes to undermining democracy, bio warfare, disease creation, human guinea pig experimentation and the financial kingpins of the global terror elite (the Carlyle Group, et. al.) simply enrages me! Ralph made a clear case for the need to replace our leadership in a real house cleaning!

Presentation: Jim Fetzer: - Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth  - http://st911.com  I was only able to catch bits and pieces of Jim’s presentation because I was bouncing between his presentation and Ralph’s presentation but I can tell you this -  he had the standing-room-only crowd ready to take back their nation! He made sure that the people realize the scope of the problems with our so-called leaders, and his session ended with a crowd participation strategy session. Jim had the people fired up to take action…myself included.

I had to leave early because I had to prepare for my presentation tomorrow morning, and I have to get there nice and early. I am making this an early night. More tomorrow, or when I have time.


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    Nice pics, Jesse! Keep em coming! I wish I could have attended :(

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    Update 2…

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