I’m Back From Chicago!

I am back from the 9/11 Truth Conference which I extended into my first vacation in five years or so! I learned a lot at the conference and I learned a lot in Chicago in general.

Regarding the conference I learned that I have many reasons to love my country but I have equally as many reasons to hate my government; at least in its present/recent form!

Regarding Chicago I learned that there are cities in America that can impress me more than my home city of New York. I learned that people can live and work in a metropolitan area without feeling the need to litter. I learned that there are nice people in our nation and that there are some damn rude people outside of New York.
I learned that purchasing a $20 weekly train/bus pass costs less than a $50 cab from the airport to the hotel and that you can use it to get to almost anywhere in Chicago.

I learned that Wrigley Field is the kind of ball park that reminds me of the days where a $26K per year school teacher could take his or her kid to a baseball game and did not have to worry about paying the quarter billion dollar salary of a guys who play a game for a living.

When I visited the Field Museum I learned by watching and listening to the many children around me, that all children are liberal Democrats. They all care about life on earth. They are all disturbed by the killing of innocent animals, even for the purpose of putting them in a museum. They all believe in science. They all seem to be kind and charitable too. I wonder what changes children into monsters who put profits ahead of human compassion?

I learned that America has a long way to go before we achieve real racial equality. I noticed an interesting trend in Chicago where the overwhelming majority of people in business attire were white and virtually all transit workers, store clerks and security guards were black or minority. The contrast is astonishing to anyone who pays attention.

I learned that the “cheezborgor, no Coke, Pepsi, cheeps” place from the John Belushi Saturday Night Live is real and still serves “cheezborgers!” I also learned that you can be treated better in a little dive like that than you can in a posh Italian restaurant named Rosebud on Rush!

Anyway, I learned that we live in a nation full of nice people who for the most part have no idea what their government or the people who run the government has been or is currently doing. They have no idea how the media have created a false realty for them. But I have a feeling if they knew…some things may change. Or maybe I am just foolishly optimistic about the true nature of people. Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    So glad that you are back Jesse, I missed you a lot. I feel like I don’t read the news till I read your site. I think the rich just don’t care. I think that if they knew the truth they would have to change. I don’t really think they want to know the truth, it’s in plan site they just have to look. I just wonder how they would feel if they saw the picture of their died leader displayed so that another leader could gloat and take the focus off his failings. I bet they would want blood.

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