Introducing the New “C” Word: “Coulter!”

Famous odds maker Jimmy the Greek had his career ended because he made the intellectually assessment that black American athletes were actually bred like animals when they were slaves. His comments may have been insensitive but they were surely reasonable and matter of fact.

Al Campanis, former Los Angeles Dodger’s general manager lost his job, rightfully so, when he proclaimed on TV that blacks “lacked the necessities” to be field managers in the major leagues.

People who utter a word about Zionism or the atrocities committed by the human rights violating, illegal, nuclear-weapon-producing, apartheid government of Israel gets inaccurately labeled an anti-Semite and can lose their job, have their reputation trashed and most probably will be banned from all American corporate media broadcasts.

Yet Ann Coulter, who is to journalism what child pornography is to family entertainment, continues to be a welcomed guest on virtually every pseudo news program on every network. I submit to you the word “Coulter” has now usurped the word “cunt” as the most offensive word starting with the letter “C”. In other words “Coulter” is the new “C” word in my opinion.

Let me say that “Coulter” is closely followed by “Cheney” as the most offensive “C” word but taking into account the “C” word has traditionally been offensive to women “Coulter” deserves top billing.
So I ask you, which is more insulting, a derogatory term for a part of the human anatomy, or a vile, hate mongering, lying, insulting, worthless pile of human anatomy named Ann Coulter? Think about it!

2 Responses to “Introducing the New “C” Word: “Coulter!””

  1. xallix_fabulous says:

    Hmmm. Now, how is Jimmy the Greek’s assesment a correct one? You said Greek’s comments were reasonable and matter of fact? Greek’s comments insist that it’s “genetic breeding” rather than hard work that helped many of these athletes move foward. I’m not even a sports fan, but, Greeks comments were pure b.s.

    So many libs slam Coulter — and they have every right to because she is a ignorant troll — but she isn’t the only one who’s stupid, imo. There are plenty of stupid libs who slam people like Coulter while holding the same feelings that she does about blacks, hispanics, and other minorities. I’m not sure what I appreciate or despise more - someone who’s blatantly upfront and honest about their ignorance/ bigotry and owns it, or the ones who hide their true smarmy sentiments behind pleasantries and faux smiles.

  2. Jesse says:

    Greek was postulating and I find his comments interesting. If slaves were bred for sale, he may have a point. If he is wrong then so be it but the discussion was valid and his intention was not to insult anyone, wish death on anyone or ridicule anyone. So even if Greek was completley wrong he intended no harm.

    Couter on the other hand…well, do i really have to explain this to you?

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