Global Warming: The Media’s Latest Deception Campaign

It gets lonely being me. Even the most well meaning people try to counter my claims that the state of the U.S. media is much worse than most people understand. Many times people try to “teach” me about my misconceptions and paranoia. They do this by citing some very important issues that are being covered by the media. They also do this by showing me how the media is also reporting negative news about George W. Bush and is therefore being fair and doing their job.

Then comes the fun part. This is usually where I start to recite the unreported aspects of the issues being cited by my well meaning (and ill meaning) correctors! It usually takes about one or two sentences before a confused look appears on the newly silenced faces of these not so sage media analysts known as oblivious opinionated Americans.

Let me say this as a fact; no matter how much news appears to be reported by our media the campaign of informational control and massive deception is continuing full force. Here are two little examples.

  1. During the 2004 election fraud campaign season many people appeared on TV and in the media to voice opposition to the Bush/Cheney cabal or to support Skull & Bones member John Kerry. Well, think back; who got the most attention? Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, the Dixie Chicks, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand & maybe a rapper or two. Now think of who did not get the attention that they deserved? Let us start with the 27 senior military leaders and diplomats that were warning the nation of the damage the Bush administration was doing to both national security and international relations! Then let us move on to the 4000 plus scientists including 23 Nobel Prize winners who signed a declaration condemning the Bush administration for misusing, suppressing and distorting scientific advice. Now ask the average American if Michael Moore opposed Bush. Then ask if any military leaders or scientist opposed Bush and wait for the confusion.
  2. Now let us look at the media’s “coverage” of the most serious issue to face Humanity; Global Warming. This is an issue that may prove to end life on Earth and who is the media focusing on? Al Gore; a political figure. The 4000 scientists that I mentioned are nowhere to be found in the media’s coverage of this issue. Neither is the Pentagon report that informed George W. Bush that climate change is our greatest threat and will destroy us. It said that climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.

So when you are watching all this “news coverage” with Al Gore being the focus of the issue, think about the elements of the issue that are not being reported. Then understand that what you are seeing is not a news media that is coming around and trying to do their job; you are watching the continued assault on America by our greatest enemy: The US Corporate News Media! Think about it!

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  1. oldgringo says:

    It is not a mere consequence of over zealous neocons in office that we now see a well-oiled propoganda machine instilling suport among the less astute citizens. In 1982 I was a nationla program manager at EPA. A deputy came to visit us at EPA’s Environmental Research Center in RTP, NC. He…a 70 year old, multi-millionaire that contributed heavilyto Reagan campaign and was a “tre believer” that America needed a major change in Governemtn… social programs. At lunch, I asked him why at his age and wealth why he would take a full time posiiton at EPA. His reply: He said ther country was long over due for a return to the good old days… he defined his mission by saying that too many people had too much descretionary income.. he said” it’s no fun being rich anymore” Why? I asked, he said he coudl recall when on Chespeake bay there were not many boats, yachts, etc… and he and his wife coudl leisurely cruise the bay, unencumbered by an aramda of other baot owners. Too many people ahd money enough to but boats for their leisure, screwing it up for the wealthy that alwasy had such exclusive priviliges. Two thinsg stuck out on his agenda: 1. Repeal of fair wage rules and abolsih the 40 hour work week infavor of a return to the 6 day week at staright time pay.. that way, leisurewould be cut.. freeing up the navigation lanes he said. he also recited a hertiage Foundation plan to sway public opinion to destroy the democratic hold on the minds of working class people.. this would be done by acquiring traditionally standalone media entities like NBC… newspapers, etc. Recall that thos began in Reagan’s first term… NBC bought by GE… and Jack Welsh in 1998 dictated from his suite that NBC nighly news include each night a 3 minute spot declaring Geo Bush a front runner… without even telling Bush.. as was noted early as an NBC reporter cornered Bush leaving the Austin Capitol one evening and one could easily see that Bush had not been advised.. he had not even been consulted. later Jack Welsh stormed inot the NBC on air studio election night 2000 and told the news team to change the story from “polls inidcate Gore a winner” To “polls beginning to show Bush clear winner”.. all this was caught on tape, later disappeared according to staffers. The point: The Republican Party blatantly implemented a Heritage Plan that mirrored Hitler’s rise to power… first priority was for his fledging party was to seize all media outlets to “control message” this was quoted ot me by the party hack back in 1982… the mantra “control message” was used over and over… and it worked. We are now in a society of automatons that are blindly goose stepping in lock step to the goals of the “oligarchy” that now runs the USA.

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