Flying a Plane Into the World Trade Center? Why Not Fly Out of LaGuardia?

Here is a new, and so far unasked question about the hugely debunked official explanation of the events of September 11th 2001. If you spend years planning a spectacular attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, and you are a less than adequate pilot, and you wanted to ensure the attack would be completed without giving the U.S. air defense apparatus the chance to follow their normal procedures and intercept your plane, why would you choose to fly out of Boston? Why would you choose to risk getting lost or stopped as you try to fly 190 miles to your target when you can hijack a plane from one of three airports within sight of the target?

There are three airports that would enable a pilot or a hijacker to have visual contact with the World Trade Center within a minute or two of takeoff. With all the planning these so called hijackers must have made, how stupid would they have to have been to travel to Boston in order to attack NY? We have been told that the so-called hijackers were barely able to pilot even simple two seater aircraft, but we are supposed to believe that they felt confident enough to navigate to NY from Boston without the help of ground control. Are we to believe that i they would not have flown out an airport from which they had constant visual contact with their target? Also keep in mind that planes taking off from these NY area airports would have more fuel remaining in their tanks when they made contact. They would not have to burn off 45 minutes worth of destructive explosive fuel.

Here is why they had to fly out of Boston: it is because the real planes had to be switched with the remote controlled modified 737s that actually impacted the towers. Yes, planes did hit the towers and the Pentagon, but not the planes that we have been told. I am convinced based on the current body of evidence, that the planes that hit the towers were 737s flown by remote control and that a Skywarrior hit the Pentagon.

Where are the other planes? Skeptics would disqualify this commentary by saying something stupid like “well, where are the real planes then?” I’ll tell you where the real planes are, they were destroyed and the people on board were murdered. They were sacrificed “for the good of the nation.” At least that is the reason for their sacrifice we would hear from a Machiavellian leader who follows such illogic. I will ask that you look into that particular philosophy so that you understand what I mean. We already know that the hawks in the Bush administration are Machiavellian in their thinking; we hear that on a regular basis from Chris Matthews on MSNBC. The only problem is that Matthews never explains what that means. In a nutshell that means that the hawks in the White House will lie, cheat, deceive and even kill for the overall good of their mission. These are the same people that lose no sleep about the almost 3000 Americans that they sent to be killed in Iraq as part of this same mission. These people have no problem sacrificing others in order to achieve their mission. They did it with Iraq and they did it on 9/11. Stop telling me that they would never do that because they already did!

When I teach people how to watch or interpret news I tell them to ask themselves three very important questions when they are being told something by the lying bastards in the media:

  1. Does this information make sense to you?
  2. Does this information make sense to you?
  3. Does this information make sense to you?

Once again, I ask you: would hijackers planning on attacking New York City, a city with 3 airports within direct eyesight of the intended target, choose to launch their attack from 190 miles away when they could have launched their attack from a distance of less than 15 miles? We are told that these ‘hijackers’ were such geniuses that they could deceive the most sophisticated air defense system in history. After spending all that time and resources to plan an attack of that scale why would minimally trained pilots with no airliner experience make such a senseless choice Think about it!

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  1. Ringwind says:

    Google Search: Morgan Reynolds on the 911 Hoax

  2. Campeonero says:

    Sorry but I don’t think passengers were murdered. Who said any of these flights actually had people on them? The names on the (very possibly forged) manifests may just be people who want it to look like they were killed, i.e. faked their deaths. 3000 dead? I sincerely doubt it. Heck, all you had to do was report someone as missing and even if no remains were found, boom there it is. Erased your debt, your criminal record, etc. In the real trial when it occurs, airports will have to cough up security videos and anyone supposedly on any flight will have to be identified on them. Most every part of this story is a fraud. Yes the planes hit the towers. Where did those planes come from? Who knows. Most likely empty and flown by remote guidance. No need to gild the lily.

  3. reidvinette says:

    June 14, 2006

    Jesse, this was a great observation on your part. It has only taken five years for someone to make that connection. 911 has most definitely been a US Government operation and the reasons are not that complex. It all has to do with control of oil resources in and near Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. He who controls the oil, controls the way it can be sold. In this case US dollars.
    The world is at Peak Oil and the US oil companies want all the oil they can get their hands on. The more they have, the more money they can make. The more money oil companies have, the longer they can control the US Government. America’s children are dying for the noble cause of more oil profits and that it is all. There is no foreign terrorism other than that waged by the US Government on the innocent people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon to be Iran.

    It’s not even about an energy crises. See Nicholas Tesla Electric Car and
    It’s all about profits to be made by oil. This is why George Bush has absolutely no interest in signing the Kato Accord to reduce CO2 emmissions. This would cut down gasoline sales. Why no electric cars on the road (or very few) same reason. Any attempt to cut down gasoline sales in the US will be met with strict government resistence, because the US Government is controlled by the oil companies.

    Other important web sites are,, and

    This all ties in to 911, which really was the ice breaker for the US Government to cease control over the military and public monies to wage non ending war for more oil profits.

    Oil corruption is rampant through the whole US system for the same reasons. Oil = money.

    Reid Vinette

  4. thetirade says:

    it’s an interesting observation on Jesse’s part however to correct reidvinette’s remarks, isn’t it the Kyoto(not kato) accord that Dear Leader Bush refused to ratify? furthermore, to hear Greg Palast tell it, the “peak oil” theory is a crock. he posits that the sweet, light crude, which is closest to the surface, is almost gone, and that there is plenty of “hard” oil still further underground. it’s harder and more expensive to extract and big oil can gleefully pass the cost on to us.

  5. alex says:

    I concur that your observation on this issue is keen, Jesse. However, I am not on board with your explanation, especially about the Skywarrior.

    Please see:
    regarding reasonable evidence that a 757 hit the Pentagon.

    If I’ve missed something on your site proving the contrary, I apologize (and would appreciate clarification).

  6. ibolit says:

    You are perfectly correct - they had to switch aircrafts in the middle air for drones
    To the towers were driven the drones
    but nobody were murdered
    there “real, actual planes” also were nor real planes but fake flights
    How They managed this - this is complete old enough instruction to be accustomed to such games - real document from
    the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the
    read whole scheme of 9/11 on the page 10 of the unclassified document from the year 1962
    “a) An aircraft at the Eglin AFB would be painted and numberd as an exact duplicate from the civil registred aircraft belonging to CIA proprietary organization…. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.
    b. Take off times of the drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a redezvous… From rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altutude and go directly into an auxillary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan”.
    On 9/11 it would be to the towers, and AFB for all these manipulations would be not Elgin but AFB in the three-state area
    That is why the flights originated not from the New-York airports - they needed the rendezvous spot, aircrafts to be switched in the middle air

    In Pentagon would be the same scheme, but something unexpected happened, and instead of a drone they used a missile, that hit Pentagon, that we all saw on a recent video - the narrow, fast, cylindric, small comparetevly to five-story Pentagon building, powerfull missile.

    So - all flights were fake and no passengers perished, exept only may be also fake Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, where they, were forced to sacrifice the fake flight that was boarded, as you saw from instructions of the Joint Staff, with CIA officers with fake ID’s - as they instructed: “the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases”.
    Yes. If there were real dead bodies in the debris of the Flight 93 - they were all fake passengers - they were covert CIA officers, sacrificed because of a panic.
    As you remember those first hours they first declared about 13 flights highjacked. So they prepared about 13 such pairs of fake aircrafts and fake flights but suddenly were forced to abort the operation.

  7. Archie D. Bunker says:

    Testing, testing. Is this mic on?

  8. Archie D. Bunker says:

    In order to believe any of this IMHO nonsense, one is forced to ignore the communications from flight attendants using Airphones to ground controllers describing the hijackings in all their gory detail.

  9. Archie D. Bunker says:

    You must also discount the opinion of several airline pilots that indeed these “men” would have been well able to pilot their jets to their destinations with their documented flying experience.

  10. Archie D. Bunker says:

    You must make no mention of the fact that the remains of many of the passengers on the jets were identified through DNA:

    “Relatives of the September 11 victims received some encouraging news this week with respect to the identification of victims. Early in the week officials made the first positive identification of a passenger from one of the two flights that struck the Twin Towers. They used DNA testing to confirm the identity of the passenger. The medical examiner’s office announced that the DNA testing to identify the victims should be completed approximately eight months after the cleanup is finished, or early next year.”

    “The 1,401 people identified include 45 of those aboard the hijacked planes - 33 from Flight 11, which struck the north tower, and 12 from Flight 175, which hit the south tower.”

    “A hand found in the rubble at ground zero was matched through DNA testing to Trentini, a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher from Everett, Mass., it was reported. Trentini and his wife, Mary, 67, were flying to Los Angeles Sept. 11 on Flight 11 to visit their grandchildren. It is the first time DNA has been able to verify the identity of any victims aboard the two planes that were flown into the World Trade Center, according to the report. The fingerprints matched Trentini’s, and his college ring, believed to be his Wofford ring, was still on his finger, Trentini’s sister, Patricia Malatesta, said. The Trentinis were to leave on Sept. 10 but changed their plans because James had jury duty. His wife has not been found.”

  11. Jesse says:

    “In order to believe any of this IMHO nonsense, one is forced to ignore the communications from flight attendants using Airphones to ground controllers describing the hijackings in all their gory detail.”

    Hey Archie, I suppose you are not aware of the many live air defense drills taking place that day. I suppose that you are not aware of the live hijacking simulations taking place that day. I suppose you are not aware of the fact that during such drills people act out the entire scenario including the calls to the approprate emergency parties.

    Those communications sound more like drills than they do real emergencies. In some cases people are calm with no noise as they describe scenes of chaos. Sounds like acting to me. The kind of acting you find in reheasals for emergencies…exactly what was taking place that day.

    I don’t fault you for not knowing about the drills. I blame the media.

  12. Click here for more info on the drills.
  • brobbie says:

    Does this blog make sense to me? No, no it does not. There is a very simple explanation as to why fly from Boston rather than New York… the terrorists needed time in order to get past the take off stage and then wait for a suitable opportunity to take control of the plane. Wow, simple really, when you think about it.

  • Archie D. Bunker says:

    Jesse are you serious? You’re telling me that the communications between flight attendants and the ground were part of a drill? Are you saying that Betty Ong and Amy Sweeney were involved in some kind of NORAD exercise?

    About five minutes after the hijacking began, Betty Ong contacted the American Airlines Southeastern Reservations Office in Cary, North Carolina, via an AT&T airphone to report an emergency aboard the flight.

    You’re saying that NORAD would have involved some unsuspecting reservations office in their “drill”, unconcerned about the panic that would ensue? Or are you going to say that this office was involved as well? What a tangled web you are weaving.

    “I suppose that you are not aware of the live hijacking simulations taking place that day”.

    To that I would respond with a line from your above link:

    It is unknown whether any of the multiple overlapping war games included a hijack scenario on September 11.

    Here’s Wikipedia right back at you. Go to the links at the bottom. Listen to Betty’s words via “the memory hole”. Then, come back here and tell me that Betty and Amy were part of a drill.

    I learned something there I didn’t know. Apparently Betty’s remains were identified at the WTC. Which brings up something else. You seem to have ignored that aspect of my above posts. If the planes were swithched, as you claim, how do you explain the DNA of so many of the passengers turning up at ground zero? Was O.J. involved?

  • Jesse says:

    Yes, I am saying that they were involved in drills. That is what I am saying. There were drills going on all over the east coast that day. These drills are designed to mock real emergencies. They are supposed to be as realistic as possible and if you listen to the tapes some of them don’t even sound to realistic.

    Yes, I am saying that the recordings were part of the multipe drill scenarios taking place that day.

  • Archie D. Bunker says:

    Jesse, why are you ignoring the statement from your own source:

    It is unknown whether any of the multiple overlapping war games included a hijack scenario on September 11.

    Why are you pretending there was a hijack drill on 9/11 when there’s no evidence for it?

    Why do you keep ignoring the DNA?

    Why is it so hard for you to accept the fact that 19 brainwashed murderers simply took advantage of an open society and a trusting nation that morning?

    Why do you cling to the most tenuous and nonsensical explanations for the event and ignore the mountains of direct evidence that indeed do support the “official” version?

  • midihc says:

    I have not seen any direct evidence of the “official theory”, Mr. Bunker, but if there are mountains of evidence, proving it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Please don’t resort to immature disinformation tactics because that will falter our cause of investigating 9/11, which is something we all have in common, being that the official story does not hold any weight and the truth is out there.

    Anyways, you want evidence for a hijack drill on 9/11? here:

    I also listened to the Betty Ong tape. She sounds suspiciously calm, I wish everyone acted like that in an emergancy situation. Perhaps she drank a lot of tap water before the phone call? (Sodium Flouride)

    “Why is it so hard for you to accept the fact that 19 brainwashed murderers simply took advantage of an open society and a trusting nation that morning?”

    I read the commission report but that still doesn’t justify 2 huge buildings, made to withstand 2 major commercial jet impacts, completely EXPLODING into smitherines.I didn’t think much of it until every major news network started reporting “bombs in the buildings” and “additional expolosive blasts”. ( Next day, there was no mention of such. on any network and there hasn’t been since.)
    Don’t forget building 7! Abra Cadabra!?
    also check out Mr. Mineta’s testimony.

    That line about OJ Simpson makes you look like a disinformation agent. Don’t hit below the belt unless you want to look more suspicious.

    “Your confession is floating in denial”

  • Archie D. Bunker says:

    Hmm, midihc, why do you keep ignoring the DNA?

  • bigdaddy01 says:

    Jesse, I just wanted to comment on the thought that there may not have been any one on the original planes…one individual I know if is actually missing. That is Barbara Olsen, the wife of the solicitor General. For that reason, I rather believe the passengers were sacrificed. anyway you cut it, there is no way a 757 hit the pentagon. Anyone who actually believes one did is simply blind and dumb.

  • bigdaddy01 says:

    Regarding the DNA that a bunker refers to…who is to say there really was any DNA? How could there be any DNA when the two towers were reduced to dust…and for weeks after the demolitions, there was molten metal red hot inside the bases of the buildings…? There also was a repport that the Gov’t got DNA results that identified the hijackers too…How on earth would such a thing be possible? what would the gov’t match found samples against? Where did they get original DNA samples of these hijackers from? come on…too preposterous to believe…there was no DNA

  • Occam says:

    Wow, you guys are nuts. If they flew the planes out of NYC which the airports are only 2 minutes from the WTC, they’d have to start hijacking the planes while they were still sitting on the TARMAC.

    “We have been told that the so-called hijackers were barely able to pilot even simple two seater aircraft, but we are supposed to believe that they felt confident enough to navigate to NY from Boston without the help of ground control.”

    Who told you that? they all had their pilots licences, and the 4 that piloted the airplanes had dual engine certifications, and had used a 757 simulator for hours and hours. Whoever is telling you these “facts” is downright wrong. and you’re downright stupid for believing it without doing research of your own. but of course… that’s what fuels your movement… people with a lack of information, and a lack of motivation to actually search for the truth instead of believing everything you hear.

    You guys need to open your eyes and stop listening to these kooks. but… you wont.

  • Gator says:

    You know, one of the problems I see is the fact, these flights dispatch and go directly to their destination, at 580 miles an hour, without missing their targets ? Has anyone really looked at NY City ? How do you pick-out the Towers while you’re flying that fast and with pin-point accuracy, hit the damn things ? It would be more believable if they circled the towers first before hitting, but we’re told, they were master minds in aviation and geography….not to mention nuclear physics and mule riding !

    What kicks my butt is the part where they “order” the pilots to the rear of the planes ? That’s like driving down the road with a passenger in your car, telling you to hand over the wheel ! “yeah right, that happens all the time.”

  • Gator says:

    Here’s a good one: If the FAA was doing the reporting, were they the same FAA that did the reporting on the JFK Jr’s disaster……and you want to believe them ? You’re better off in what they did then, was to turn it over to the Pentagon so you can believe them. Oooh, we did that.

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