Anybody Teach You to Knock?

So the authorities no longer have to knock on your door when they decide to harass you with an intrusive investigation of some sort.

Remember the good old days when the authorities had to have a reason to search you or your home? Remember when you used to be able to sit in your living room watching German citizens being asked for their papers by the Gestapo in an old black and white WWII movie on TV? Remember how safe you felt in your home as you watched the Gestapo threatening people by saying “Ve haff wayz of making you talk!” Do you remember the scenes of implied torture and murder at the hands of the Nazis? Remember how you felt as you watched all of this unfold on your TVs from the safety of your home?

Well, who knows, maybe someday someone will be watching your story on TV asking thinking the exact same thing. Think about it!

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