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What I DO understand is the anger and outrage at the thought of how these two young kids were violated. .I DO understand that we are …as a nation…..horrified by what has been described as ‘barbaric’ torture that we can only imagine. I really DO understand that, Mike.

But I’m confused. Why is there not the same anger and outrage each and ever time one of our kids is blown to bits by a roadside bomb? Is that kind of death less painful or less brutal or less final? Why is there not the same anger and outrage at the thousands and thousands of young men and women whose bodies and minds have been mutilated and who lie in hospital beds or rehabilitation centers with wounds that are horrific and crippling and whose lives will forever be scarred?

Why is there not the same anger over the brutalization of the people of Iraq perpetrated by the Bush crime family…. from the death and destruction of Shock and Awe to the murderous attacks at Fallujah and Haditha? Is that we can confront the deaths of two young men more easily than we can fathom slaughter in greater numbers? I really don’t understand.

The morgues in Baghdad are overflowing. The bodies that arrive on a daily basis are just as dead, and most probably died as horrible a death as did the kids who made the news today.

We are about to launch an attack on Ramadi….to ‘cleanse’ it of insurgents. More people will be blown apart and the war will go on because we are making ‘progress’ in the war against terror that people still believe exists.

And tomorrow is another day.

Editor’s Note: We warned that torture begets torture.  Flashback to our article of two years ago: ALL BETS ARE OFF, written when the first Abu Ghraib photos were released:


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  1. rbank says:

    I agree whole heartly. The children that are dieing. I wonder what the men in America would do if people were bombing their children. Even though many of us hate king george we would not be happy if someone dropped two 500 lbs bombs on him and killed an inocent woman and child. Myself I am heartsick that these men were killed. I am heart sick that 2506 mothers will never see their children again. I am heart sick that mothers have to see their mangled children come home. Let’s face it these soldiers are coming home mangled. THey joined the guards to go to college and get mangled. WHat chance to they have in life? THere is talk that the marines who killed civilians will be charged with murder. THis is what really makes me angry. We hold our children accountable for killing and torture when they wouldn’t be committing these crimes if they hadn’t been lied into a war. They are hungry, tired and scaed because they do not have the equipment to keep them safe. I can understand them cracking. I’m not saying that it is right. BUT NO ONE IS HOLDING THE MASTERMINDS OF THIS CRIME ACCOUTABLE. Bush went AWOL from the guards, shich by law means that he owes us time in the war zone. If he wants to stay the course then lets let him fight. It’s time that king george is turned over to the world court on war crimes.

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