CNN Viewers Care Not About News

As America continues on its merry way to self destruction without the protection of journalism industry CNN remains America’s most trusted name in news. Well that is surely a sad statement about both TV news and Americans. But just to put this into perspective take a look at CNN’s viewers. Take a look at the priorities of the people who place their trust in CNN. Here is a list of the most popular items on the CNN news website today:

  1. Charges detail prison sex scandal
  2. Ray Romano in talks to star in new series
  3. The dark side of Chuck Berry
  4. Gandolfini puts muscle on ‘Sopranos’ pals
  5. Attacks kill 5 US service members

Of the top five stories on CNN’s “news” web site three of the most popular items are celebrity entertainment related and one is about a sex scandal. So let me say this about the people who trust CNN; I am not impressed. It does not take much to get an idiot to think you are smart and it does not take much to get an American to trust a corporate news organization. Think about it!

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