Why All the Surveillance? To Prevent a Revolution!

Do you want to know why we are being scared with ridicules stories about terror plots? It is so the American people will tolerate the increased Big Brother style loss of privacy. Do you want to know why this loss of privacy is an issue? It is because by the time the American people realize what is happening to their nation there will be so much surveillance in place that we will not be able to organize a revolt!

Let’s face it, this is no longer America. We are in HUGE trouble as it relates to the survival of our so called free nation. But the people who are in control are making sure that we can not gather any steam when it comes to stopping them. Anyone who realizes that the people at the highest levels of government and the people in the shadow government comprised of the three letter agencies, think tanks, etc., are the enemy of the people, knows that any efforts to counter their control will be deemed a threat to national security.

Well, we better do something fast because our ability to defeat our enemies who have hijacked our nation will diminish with every new effort to “secure our nation!” Think about it!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I love it that you look at a situation and SAY exactly what you SEE, REGARDLESS!
    There is no “DailyCos”/libertarian/crypto-Zionist (reundant, I know) sludge muddying up the waters here!
    I don’t say it enough, but THANK YOU! If it were not for TvNewsLIES, and Whatreallyhappened, there are times when some of us would just lose it.
    As for your post, again the only thing that I can hang my hat on is this thought…”There are more of Us than there are of Them”, and that it can get REAL UGLY when when people feel as though they no longer have anything to lose…..

    p.s. ann coulter is still a dick.

  2. Cheryl says:

    One more thing, Jess,
    I am having trouble with my computer (I think it’s a republican!), so I can’t tell if you have a “link” to this counter-recruitment site I found a couple of months ago.
    It’s called “Not Your Soldier”, and it ROCKS!
    They don’t just piss and moan about the military lying to kids, they DO things about it, such as: expose to the kids the lies used to ensnare unsuspecting “youth”, and how the military does not keep promises made to them while signing up, and that they legally don’t have to, etc.
    Also, they have “camping trips” where the kids learn how to (constructivly and peacefully) become pro-active in changing these things.
    They have a great documentary about the ‘Nam vets who rebelled (and were probably the biggest reason that we pulled out of that war). The sound track is done by a group called the “Coup”, and it is KICK.ASS. The name of the song is “Captain Sterling’s Little Problem” and you MUST, MUST give it a listen!
    In addition, they have these killer T-shirts that proclaim “Not Your Soldier”, but my favorite is the one that says “Don’t Kill or Die for George Bush’s PUNK-ASS CRUSADE”.
    I don’t know how to do the “link” thingy, so I will just type it out for you….. http://www.notyoursoldier.org I would send this link to whatreallyhappened, but my “outlook express” thing has never, ever worked, and if I send it through my hotmail, it comes back as “undeliverable”. So if you would check it out and approve, maybe you could put a “link” on your site, and tell Mike from WRH about it, and you guys can help save a lot of young lives!

  3. Passenger57 says:

    Good one! This is also why they push “gun control” every chance they get - when the time comes,they don’t want us to be able to put up much of a fight. All they want to hear from us is “You can’t do this to me-I’m an American!”They’re training to get used to and ignore that plea.

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