Today’s Anti-Republicans; Tomorrow’s Heroes?

First let me state this: being anti-Republican today is not really being anti-Republican. It is being anti-fascist. The political party associations claimed by our current crop of government officials have nothing to do with the actual political ideologies of their respective parties, but the American public for the most part is too lazy to take notice.

Americans today are fooled by labels. They could care less if their brightly labeled bottle of Kool-Aid actually contains poison; they will just keep drinking as they die while defending the purity of their Kool-Aid. And they could care less if their Republican candidate is actually a neo-Conservative who is more like a lying power mongering a Machiavellian than a law and order Republican.

At least the Democrats don’t get fooled by Democrats who only pretend to be Democrats. Are you listening Hillary? That seems to be the only difference between the political parties these days. Democrats don’t tolerate their politicians who do not follow party principles where Republicans are content as long as their party is used by the politician. They could care less about their Republican politician’s actual position on anything other than God and hating gay people; for all they care their candidate could actually be a Communist…they don’t notice and they don’t seem to care.

So for the sake of reality let’s just say that the current crop of Americans who are alarmed by the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the rise of the corporate fascist state that is enveloping our nation, are anti-Republican. Let say that for one reason: it is because the current crop of people in office who call themselves Republicans are openly supporting and actively expediting this transition to fascism. On the other hand, the Democrats in Congress, many of whom are part of this anti-American initiative, at least on the surface try to appear as if they are opposed to that agenda.

Now for as long as I can remember I have heard that we must support our military because they fight/fought to protect our freedom. I have been told that I have to support them even when their mission directly conflicts with the principles of freedom both in America and abroad. I am told to support the military no matter what they do or to whom they are doing it. I am told that anything the military does has something to do with supporting my freedom.

Well, I know now that that notion is a load of shit. As a matter of fact our troops have been misused and have acted in violation of the principals of freedom and democracy more than they have been used to protect my freedom. Well at least that is how it has been during my forty two years on this planet. And now they are being misused like never before. As a matter of fact from the look of things they may be used against me/us soon; directly!

On the other hand there are a bunch of good people who are really fighting for our freedom. We are not taking up arms or marching into civilian territories with guns and bombs and secret torture prisons. We are fighting to inform the rest of our brothers and sisters about what is really happening in our world and about who really poses threats to us!

There are a few of us who are fighting directly for the freedom of the only industry that is important enough to be explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution: the press. We are fighting the real enemy of freedom the people who have hijacked our political process and are in the process of eliminating individual freedoms and the concept of national sovereignty around the world. We are fighting the people who have hijacked the only industry protected by the Constitution. We are fighting to inform our fellow Americans about the issues that impact their freedom and their lives. We are fighting for them; even for the ones that think we are the enemy.

You may call us anti-Republican. I call myself pro-Constitution. Personally I am anti-Republican and anti-Democrat. I am not foolish enough to think politicians of either corporate party are going to save our nation. I am of the opinion that we have to purge both parties, remove money completely from the political electoral process, eliminate all modern electronic technology (and private ownership) from the election voting system, and we have to replace our entire leadership with people who actually represent their constituents. We also have to eliminate ALL connections between industry and government. ALL CONNECTIONS! We need protection from corporations, not of corporations. Well, that’s just my opinion.

I may be called anti-American today by some, but if I and my fellow pro-Constitutional soldiers will one day be referred to with the same respect and admiration as any army that fought so hard so you can have your freedom. The difference is that we fight for real freedom, not corporate capitalist freedom! Think about it!

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10 Responses to “Today’s Anti-Republicans; Tomorrow’s Heroes?”

  1. kenige says:

    Jesse, I’m with you on this. You do not remember, but in 2003, I spoke with you. I would like to take action. Here is my input, and I am willing to debate anyone on the issue, the proposal of the 28th amendment to the constitution, which reinforces true demcracy. In a nutshell, ALL laws will be voted on by the constituents of the said jurisdiction, from Federal, State and local governments. I will gladly, debate the merits and argue in its defence. Any takers?

  2. Bigbuxman says:

    Both parties are opposite sides of the same coin. Globalisn is the goal of both parties, in particular a drive for a one world government. President Bush is illegally (once again) planning on getting us involved in, along with Canada and Mexico, what will be called the North American Union. I believe that there will eventually be 10 regional unions across this planet. This will coincide, along with the biblical reference to the 10 toes of the beast, to the final one world system. Conslidation of power will take place, and what will emerge, will be a global leader uniting all regional unions, into one supranational world state. A world leader, whom the Bible refers to as the demonically inspired antichrist, will take over the reigns of this worldwide totalitarian state. I even have a name for this forthcoming worldwide fascist state: The Federation Union of the World.

  3. Havatu says:

    Let’s hope that people of the future will look back with respect not only upon those who are against Republicans but also those who are against Zionism and what it’s supporters have done to the US and it’s government

  4. [...] Jesse | TvNewsLIES.orgFirst let me state this: being anti-Republican today is not really being anti-Republican. It is being anti-fascist. The political party associations claimed by our current crop of government officials have nothing to do with the actual political ideologies of their respective parties, but the American public for the most part is too lazy to take notice. [...]

  5. Markbennett says:

    I could not agree mere with your position. You are indeed the one fighting for freedom, not the poor fools in Iraq.

    May I suggest you stop saying “I could care less” when you mean to say ” I could not care less?”

    Saying “I could care less” says that you have a degree of careing. In other words that you care. To say “I could not care less” means that your degree of caring is at zero and that it is not possible to care any less.

    Keep-up the good work.

  6. Nose Cone says:

    Jesse wrote:
    Americans today are fooled by labels. They could care less if their brightly labeled bottle of Kool-Aid actually contains poison; they will just keep drinking as they die while defending the purity of their Kool-Aid.

    Actually, they don’t even bother to read the labels. They just take someone else’s word for the purity. Preferably, Jesus’ or God’s word.

    Nice editorial. The tide is turning, Jesse.

  7. dajson says:

    I am an Anti-Republican. That is my political affiliation, and although it defines what I am not, it doesn’t necessarily label what it is I am. I’m not a Democrat, a Socialist, or any third party type, but I don’t find the label of Liberal offensive at all. My decision to proclaim myself Anti-Republican comes from a genuine quest for truth and understanding of the nature of evil. Nothing personal against most individuals, but the Republican Party is for me, a perfect model of the nature of evil and they seldom let me down. It all began in my early adulthood where I found myself genuinely compelled twice to vote for Ronald Reagan who turned out to be a bunch of well acted hype. By the time he left office on the wake of evidence of Republican deals with Iranian Hostage takers, (who set their captives free the day of his first inauguration), as well as the Iran-Contra scandal, (who’s players make up a good part of the current President’s cabinet), I thought he was guilty of treason. This was a profound lesson in my life. You can’t believe everything you are spoon fed by politicians. Since those days I have practiced something that works very well in figuring out what Republicans are up to. It is reversing everything that comes out of the mouth of Republicans. A good example of this is Bush’s proclamation during the election campaign that he was a Compassionate Conservative. Who believes that any more? Even the word conservative doesn’t really fit these radicals anymore. Now we are being entertained by an Enron scandal that has resurrected the issue of campaign finance reform which Bush rejected. We can now see clearly that our Government has been for sale to the highest bidder for quite some time. This comes as no surpass to us Anti-Republicans and Liberals. Reversing the Republican rhetoric can also teach us much about the true nature of deregulation. This Republican line of Bull(whoops) has never fooled me since Reagan and the current Enron collapse and California scandal has this Anti-Republican saying, “I told you so”. Since my early Anti-Republican training, it has always been clear to these eyes that deregulation has been driven by greed and people who desire to make money at our expense. Now the utilities of America have been transformed into a rigged gambling casino and we may not have seen the worse of it yet. Can adding more middlemen to the equation possibly drive prices down? That’s rhetorical, I know the patented Republican response to that question. The middlemen are there to find the absolute best price for their customers ..blah blah blah whatever. In Montana, they fell for the deregulation argument and now I get a new bill from the landlord for heat and water usage. I used to just have to pay an electric bill but this month in addition to my rent I got another bill for $75.00. I’m convinced this is the beginning of the benefits of deregulation. Montana is currently working on buying back the sold out utilities but that won’t be easy or cheap now. Meanwhile the ex-Governor Mark Racicot left the office to work as an Enron lobbyist although after the scandal he was given a more respectable appointment from his good buddy President Bush. Hopefully there will be a special counsel appointed to investigate Bush’s involvement in the Enron scam, although that special counsel probably won’t be as venomously vicious as Kenneth Star. He was on their side. Also Democrats never seem to be as quick to lower themselves to the Republican level. I sometimes wish they would. It makes them look spineless or perhaps intimidated. The whole Enron scandal makes Clinton’s Whitewater look like an innocent real estate deal made 10 years before his run for President which didn’t hurt anybody. Enron hurt people, but don’t worry Ken Lay. If worse comes to worse, Bush is sure to pardon his good friend and largest campaign contributor. Now Bush is pushing buttons all around the world like he wants an all out war with somebody. He wants war with Iran, Iraq, and North Korea? What about the terrorist support from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan? Its been well documented that most of the 9/11 terrorists as well as the ones we bombed in Afghanistan were Saudi Arabian. Saudi Arabia has been less then cooperative with the 9/11 investigation. It is less documented that Lt. Gen. Mahmood Ahmed, the Director General of the ISI in Pakistan, who was doing business in Washington DC on 9/11, has been recently forced to retire at the request of the FBI because of evidence that he arranged for $100,000.00 to be wired to Mohammed Atta last July. Mohammed Atta was the ringleader of the 9/11 terrorists. Let’s not let this smoking gun be swept under the carpet. Obviously President Bush wants war because it is the only reason he can boast of an 80% approval rating. I can never forget Bush’s, Rumsfeld’s, and Powell’s transparent reaction of disappointment when the Northern Alliance took Kabul months before they were supposed to in this endless war against terrorism, sure to take generations. This President needs war to be popular. His dad tried the same game. The war against terror won’t be over soon. I used to think the whole Afghanistan invasion was over Caspian Oil, and it surely was, but now it looks like a much broader master plan is afoot. This is round two of the Cold war. America and NATO are quickly closing in on a weakened Russia. Let’s not forget the help Bin Ladin’s troops provided for the Kosevo Liberation Army as “Freedom Fighters”. Let’s not forget that Bin Laden was a creation of our CIA and their most expensive operation set up in Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that it was American tax dollars at work that provided him with the billion dollar caves he supposedly was hiding in. Let’s not forget the old saying that, “you never leave the CIA”. The FBI is currently convinced that the Anthrax mailed to Democrats and liberal media types, was manufactured in labs ran by the CIA in Utah. Even the President’s actions on September 11th are suspicious. First of all, he no doubt knew that the first tower was hit when he was on his way to the Booker School. At the time, the Secret Service had an open line with the FAA to get information about the attack. Did they not know that the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport was a couple miles from Booker School? If they knew that, and knew we were under a terrorist attack by highjacked airplanes, why did they still allow the President to make his well announced public appearance at Booker School? Not only are we not getting any fighters up to intercept the threat for over an hour and a half but the Secret Service also doesn’t seem to be doing their job that day. How did they know the President wasn’t in any danger at the Florida school? All this corruption and hypocrisy translates into apathy in the elections. That is a win-win situation for corrupt politicians. Hopefully Regulation isn’t a bad word anymore. Regulation is about the government’s only job, and a deregulated government is an irresponsible government. We all deserve to have something to show for all our hard-earned tax dollars. Our democracy should demand that from our government or else the military will get it all and peace on Earth will continue to just be a Liberal’s dream. It’s an election year and loosing elections is the only message these political types seem to understand. Let’s rise above the mire of our apathy and get out there and vote as if our beloved country and way of life depend on it. It’s still pretty much a free country so vote however you want, but let me recommend voting Anti-Republican.

  8. dajson says:

    The post I made above was actually written in 2002 before the Iraq war, but it was about being an anti-Republican, which has been my proclaimed party affiliation since Ronald Reagan. I thought it fit in nicely here, and none of its facts have been proven wrong, only forgotten.

  9. kallelltk says:

    The ONLY solution for Freedom is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zion-Nazi bankster mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of OKC, 911, 7/7/7 and the phoney War on Terror, and reinstate Gods Perfect Royal Laws of Liberty:-

    Time is running out:-

  10. [...] First let me state this: being anti-Republican today is not really being anti-Republican. It is being anti-fascist. The political party associations claimed by our current crop of government officials have nothing to do with the actual political ideologies of their respective parties, but the American public for the most part is too lazy to take notice. [...]

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