A Variation of the Powell Doctrine

The Powell Doctrine simply asserts that when a nation is engaging in war, every resource and tool should be used to achieve overwhelming force against the enemy. Well, the Bush administration and the Republican party have adapted this doctrine so to speak. They apply it differently however.

To them the “enemy” is the U.S. Constitution or anyone who defends it. The enemy is anyone who stands in the way of their power. The overwhelming force they use comes in several forms. They overwhelm you with lies, unconstitutional actions, secrets, attacks on our rights, crimes of all types. They overwhelm you with the variety and sheer volume of ways they steal or fix (redistricting) votes in elections. They overwhelm you with their full frontal assault on our environment. They simply are so overwhelmingly vile and criminal that it is hard to comprehend. Maybe that is why some people have trouble believing what is happening. These guys are so bad that it is hard to believe, even if you see the evidence! Think about it

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