The Media: Your Enemy Exposed! An Independence Day Lesson

Here is a very simple lesson for Independence Day. As you take notice to the fact that the press is the only “industry” or “vocation” that is explicitly protected by the U.S. Constitution. Neither doctors, who save human life, nor rescue workers who save human life nor police who protect human life were granted the protection of the Constitution. It is not because those noble professions are important it is because they are not required to protect our democracy. Only a free press can ensure that our government remains accountable to the people.

So here is your lesson: As you watch the discussions take place about the NY Times printing information that may have hurt national security keep this in mind: Any person who even hints at the notion that the press should be keeping any information from the public is not a journalist and is your enemy - period, end of story. If the press in every nation followed this protocol we would prevent most wars and a great deal of injustice in the world.

The press should be as relentless as celebrity paparazzi in their pursuit of information. Anything less is not journalism. Think about it!

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  1. fido says:

    Good points Jesse. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are guaranteed but what they say is closely watched and guarded as to content. Another free speech issue concern is with catherine. Check out the forum soon, also.

    Keep up the good work.

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