Corporate Media: Hot Dogs are More Important Than 9/11, Lies Leading to War & Election Fraud!

I had the pleasure of attending the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest yesterday. We got there two and a half hours before the event started so that we could get a good view. Unfortunately there was not a lot of space for the spectators because of the enormous press center that had been set up which was so big that it blocked public view of all but a few of the contestants.

The press from all over the world was on the scene. Most of the press had set up hours in advance. I saw ABC, NBC & CBS cameras there along with all the sports networks. Coverage was thorough and global.

All of this coverage was dedicated to a twelve minute gluttony contest.

The NY police department, (60th Precinct) was out in numbers. They lined the roof of Nathan’s. I assume they were keeping an eye out for Osama “Bun” Laden. The police provided the contest sponsors with a crowd estimate of twenty five thousand people. Personally I think there were between five and ten thousand. I can not imagine that half of Yankee stadium filled the small area. Anyway I found it amazing that the police could estimate this crowd when I have heard time and time again that crowd estimates were not possible. I heard this at every anti-war protest that I have attended. You know…the protests where twenty or thirty Yankee stadiums full of people attended!

Anyway…the media were out in full force covering this disgusting contest where people ate fifty hot dogs on the same site where homeless people search for scraps of food in garbage cans throughout the year. However, I found none of these media organizations covering the international 9/11 truth conference that I spoke at in Chicago last month. I found none of these organizations covering the million plus strong crowds that gathered many times to protest the most protested human being ever to live…George W. Bush. I see no coverage of the massive number of election fraud related events, arrests, lawsuits and press conferences alerting the public of the election fraud that is being uncovered all over our nation. I see no reporters trying to cover the lawsuits related to Dick Cheney’s energy policy meetings. I see no coverage of anything important at all in this nation.

Maybe one day we will see media outlets covering the violent overthrow of the media outlets themselves. Hmmm…I suppose I am allowed to dream! Think about it!

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  1. fido says:

    What a great idea. Protest the media. Of course the media would be a no-show for that, as it would be like advertising to come and watch you slit your own throat or hang yourself. Everyone would show up for that, so it must be a quiet behind the scenes cover up.

    Perhaps better yet, would be to protest those that run these media groups, like Murdock etc. and bring them to the forefront of the war against America and the spread of information and truth. These are the real people who dictate what is being printed and broadcast and so should be held accountable for why they are being bought out by the corporate/military/government triparthied complex!

  2. ricky_radical says:

    I do not disagree with a word you have to say ever. We are on the same page daily. I revere your astute insight into world events but I want to clarify one item in today’s news issue lest the readers be led astray. With elections coming again (sigh) I detected a plea of hope for our hopeless situation living with war mongers. If we would only vote for non war mongers I detected. Absolutely no, that is impossible in this form of government that relys now on a war economy to shore up the phony stock market and keep the Fed running smoothly so they don’t dump another Depression on us. Besides, there is no way of knowing whether a party member is pro war or not. Even third party candidates will have to go along for the ride of war if they manage to get elected! Both the major parties have stood by Bush The Terrorist all along, nothing will change with an election! So, what is the answer? REFUSE TO VOTE! With voting at an all time low pesrcentatage, the vast majority of Americans do not vote by the way so if even more stayed away from the polls the fascist government we labor under will have a loud message that no one supports them anymore and then and only then will something change. I have researched this topic and I am on solid ground so anyone who wants to debate me come on with it!

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