Under Bush We Have Lost:

The World Trade Center, one Space Shuttle, New Orleans, Oldsmobile, the birthplace of civilization: Iraq, countless lives as a result of war, electrical power to the entire northeast section of the United states for a full day, a legitimate electoral process (and with that our democracy), 50 years of environmental protection legislation, a great deal of our polar ice caps, countless animal species, science, our ability to afford housing/education & health care, student loan programs, heating assistance programs, hunger assistance programs, the division in the CIA that was searching for Bin Laden, Paul Wellstone, our right to eminent domain and to feel safe in our homes, our right to eat foods that were not genetically altered, our jobs, $billions of unaccounted for dollars given to military contractors, workers rights protections, whistle blowers protections, our right to hold corporations accountable for their crimes against us, our right to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for killing or harming us, countless officers who resigned from the military, countless intelligence professionals who have bolted from the current insanity, respect for America in the eyes of the world.

We have gained: A presidential administration that acquired power by electoral coup and has broken more laws than one can imagine, a global nuclear arms race, a rise in global racism, unprecedented levels of global warming, powerful hurricanes, government sanctioned hatred (anti-gay), a lifestyle and economy designed to keep us in constant fear, a wider gap between the rich and the poor, four million more Americans living below the poverty line, six consecutive pay raises for Congress and an American population that knows more about the trials of Scott Peterson than they do of the trials of Dick Cheney.

Thanks to the American news media the nation does not realize what we have gained or lost. Can you imagine what this list would look like if I took even 5 minutes to actually do some research? Think about it!

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