Associated Press Help Wanted: Chief of Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq

Any real journalists out there looking for work? This is for real.

New Job Posting - Description No. (24)214
POSTING DATE:  7/11/06 ( expires 7/25/06 )
POSITION:  Chief of Bureau
LOCATION:  Baghdad, Iraq
STATUS:  Administrative
INCUMBENT:  New position
REPORTS TO:  Sally Buzbee

DUTIES:  This is a two-year posting. As head of the AP's bureau in
Baghdad, the chief of bureau oversees the AP's large news and photo staff
covering the Iraq war. The COB resides in the AP's secured villa in Baghdad and
is responsible for the onsite management of the news staff, plus security,
personnel and budget issues, working closely with an office manager and
the chief of Mideast news on security, personnel and budget issues. It is a
high-profile assignment that carries a high degree of responsibility,
requiring a talented journalist of proven judgment and ability for a
once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS:     Strong news, interpersonal communication and
leadership skills. Experience working in a high-stress and hectic
war/combat environment is preferable.
Common sense, calm in the face of uncertain and tense situations
and flexibility are a must.  Should be able to motivate and oversee a large,
diverse news and support staff, keeping AP ahead -- both aggressive and
creative in its news coverage -- in a highly competitive news environment.
Should perform these news tasks while also working on security, logistical
and staff issues, in close consultation with AP's onsite office manager
and the chief of Mideast news as well as New York headquarters.
Strong reporting, writing and editing skills are a must, as is interest and
ability to work on multimedia and online video/TV coverage. Creativity
and willingness to try new things valued.
Should also, as AP's onsite representative, be capable of dealing with
Iraqi government and U.S. military on issues that arise.
Should be able to prioritize numerous tasks, while working to maintain
staff morale, and be able to creatively problem-solve difficult situations.
Should be able to create a sense of teamwork and mission,
working with and serving as a mentor to less-experienced journalists,
including talented journalists selected and hired locally.

AP PHONE NUMBER: 212-621-1500

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