It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World

I am saying this on the record, as an American born person, with both Jewish and Christian heritage: I could not imagine being more ashamed and disgusted by my government (American), the government of Israel and my ignorant fellow Americans. I am stunned at my friends and family members who support Israel regardless of what they do. These people do not even realize that every “news item” that comes from Israel must be approved by Israeli military censors (bull shit democracy). I am sickened and infuriated at the members of the corporate entity known as the U.S. Congress and the U.S. media. I am sickened by the portion of the American public that remains embarrassingly ignorant to the history of lies and atrocities perpetrated and/or supported by the United States. But I am most angry at the press for making people like me have to stop their lives to alert the American public about real world that remains hidden from them by the media.

The press has been complicit in covering up the obliteration of the U.S. Constitution and it has covered up the inhuman assault on the citizens of the world conducted by America and its allies. Even if you simply ignored every gunshot fired and simply focused on the obliteration of environmental protections by the Bush administration you can see the devastating evil that is being perpetrated on mankind by the son of a bitch known as George W. Bush and the behind the scene people in the real shadow world governing body for which he works.

History aside we are witnessing a new level of American hypocrisy and inhumanity; a level that we can no longer simply stand by and permit. To watch Israel destroy Lebanon, a nation smaller than the state of Connecticut, and to watch the Bush administration step up the delivery of munitions to the most arrogant bigots every to walk the Earth, the Israeli government (not the Jews…the Israeli government…settle down you abusers and misusers of the anti-Semite label), makes me want to organize a complete overthrow of every single nation on Earth. I have had it with these vile maniacs! (Calm down you Department of Homeland Security Nazi bastards…I HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING THIS!!! I am just expressing my anger here! )

It is time to replace very leader of every nation on Earth. It is time to replace every member of every ruling body in every nation on Earth. They have failed. They are responsible for death and hatred beyond human comprehension. They are leading us to extinction. They are destroying the very planet on which we live. These “deciders” make decisions and pass laws that no citizen of the world would approve. They make decisions that would outrage people of all political and religious beliefs and would vehemently oppose. They force people to hate one another and then they send us to commit atrocities against eachother while they reamain out of harms way. It is time for the people of the world to wake up from this insanity and stop fighting for these evil people!

If the U.S. had a real news media the people of this nation would be kept apprised of the actions of their leaders. And if they were really aware of what has been taking place perhaps they would become outraged enough to stop the maniacs who are leading us to doom. If the media did their job, perhaps we would have justice in this world. Let me rephrase that…if we had a journalism entity in this nation or on the planet, one that is truly independent from the ruling bodies (governmental and corporate/financial), perhaps we would have a just world.

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  • 11 Responses to “It is Time to Replace ALL of the Leaders of the World”

    1. BlindFaith says:

      Nothing to add to that, except a heartfelt AMEN!

    2. deanasc says:

      We do have an independent and soverign journalism entity. It’s the blogosphere. You’re a part of it. Nice work. I may have to change my opinion of you.

    3. GodSend says:

      Relax - EVERYTHING is under control and occurring according to Plan :)

      Go to : to find out Whose Plan ;)

    4. fido says:

      Hello Jesse. good to have you back. I am here again. Wishing the world was a better place. Thanks to you we can expose these criminals for what they are- mass murderers that make Hitler and Stalin look like 3rd graders. The killier B’s must be stopped!(Bush and Blair). Israel must be stopped. Insanity of war must be stopped. Jesse keep on speaking and thinking free. The voice of the people must not stop and will be heard.

    5. Cheryl says:

      Your post humbles me…
      Your parents must be SO proud of you,
      I know I am!
      Thank you.

    6. Jesse says:

      Thanks for the kind words folks.
      Cheryl…my parents are proud of me and scared for me too. Sadly. I wish they could be proud and secure.

    7. Cheryl says:

      Even in the best of situations (whatever THAT is), good Mom’s and Dad’s are scared for there kids (Years ago I read an article which stated “Once you become a parent, you are NEVER AGAIN guaranteed a night’s sleep, ever!”. And if that isn’t the truth, then Lieberman isn’t a crypto-Zionist!) .
      We are living in a very “Dark Time” in American history, so
      you have to admit that your parent’s fears are legitimate (I realize that you already know all of this, but, hey, it bears repeating!).
      That being said, have you been threatened (yet)? If so, you should post about it. Better yet, send them to my house. I am no longer in any mood to be polite to these cowards.

    8. Cheryl says:

      Oh and Jess,
      Regarding the point of your post, I totally hear you.
      As I tell my family, friends, slow-moving pedestrians at the mall and anyone else who is forced to listen to me, I REALLY resent that there is no real choice when it comes to choosing a politician to represent me!
      It’s like being thirsty yet only having the option of drinking a glass of Drano, or a glass of Clorox bleach.
      Or being forced to hand my kids over to either Jeffrey Damer, or to Hannibal Lector.
      Or having to ask for road-side assistance from either the Bloods or from the Crypts.
      Or being forced to rely on the honesty of a used-car salesperson, or the F.D.A.
      Or having to get news only from FOX news or CNN or MSNBC or… well.. you get the idea.
      My point is that I want an actual CHOICE, damn it!

    9. i8theworm says:

      Why is it that I keep coming across blogs that fail to point out that 1) people in southern Lebanon (yes, we know it’s Hezbolah who Lebanon doesn’t seem interested in removing) who fired the first shot?

      Why is it people scream that Israelis are using US equipment, but nobody points out Hezbolah is using Iranian equipment?

      Why is it that, with the few thousand dead in this skirmish, nobody in the press seems to point out the millions who have died in Sudan?

    10. Jesse says:

      i8theworm - Good points…who fired the first shot…why is it that history always is reported at convenient points when it comes to Israel and the U.S?

      The other thing…sending guided missiles into areas where non-combatants live is a war crime. This is a deliberate “habbit” of the Israelis. The call anyonw they want the enemy and then they kill them. Count the civilian deaths throughout the years and you will find a 10 to 1 ration of civillian deaths casused by Israel as opposed to suffered by them.

    11. Cheryl says:

      YAY JESSE!
      Keep speaking Powerful Truth to Powerful Liars!

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