Why Create Enemies? Here is Why.

Americans sit back and watch in amazement as their government conducts activities that will clearly result in “blowback.” We can not figure out why we would conduct our affairs or respond to crisis by acting in ways that will without a doubt turn a great deal of people against us and make a given situation worse.

Then we watch as Israel obliterates a peaceful nation. They did not attack an enemy, they attacked a civilization. They destroyed the infrastructure of a modern nation. They killed hundreds of innocent people. Then, the New York Times reports that the result of this is increased global support of Israel’s enemy. Is anyone surprised? Would anyone on Earth say that the result would have been different?

Well if you have not been able to formulate a logical reason why anyone or any nation would do these things…I’ll give you two…

  1. * For the people who make $ trillions on defending you from an enemy…they need enemies. When the cold war was over these people needed a new enemy to feed the monster known as the military industrial complex. So they create, provoke, fuel, instigate and in some cases lie about the existence of new enemies. Then they sell them to you. Currently Cheney, among others, acts as a senior spokesman while the news organizations legitimize their claims.
  2. * For the people who hate other people and want to kill them, like the Israelis hate the Arabs, a legitimate reason has to be created so that they can indeed kill them. They can’t just go in and bomb “the enemy” because most of these objects of Israeli hatred are innocent bystanders. So here is what a nation like Israel can do…they provoke as many Arabs as they can to join their enemy which in essence makes these innocent bystanders actual enemies of Israel and therefore they then become legitimate targets. Then it will be OK to kill these people because the media has made it perfectly clear that anyone who is an enemy of Israel or the U.S., not matter why they became an enemy, is simply a radical terrorist. And we all know that it is OK to kill terrorists.

I remember an episode of South Park where the gang went on a camping trip. They ended up hunting all kinds of animals. I should say that they simply killed all kinds of animals; even though it was not hunting season and they did not have hunting licenses. But before they killed each animal, even though it was not true, they screamed out as loud as they can “IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR US!” Thus creating a situation where they were able to say that they killed their target in self defense. All I can say is that the U.S. and Israel are artists at screaming “THEY ARE COMING RIGHT FOR US!” Think about it!


* Israeli Justice Minister: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in South Lebanon
- “All those now in south Lebanon are terrorists who are related in some way to Hezbollah,” Mr Ramon said. - Ramon made these comments on Israeli Army radio. He was apparently not asked about the IDF’s practice of blowing up the cars full of civilians fleeing south Lebanon.
* US planning $4.6bn in Mideast arms sales - The Bush administration spelled out plans yesterday to sell $4.6bn of arms to moderate Arab states, including battle tanks worth as much as $2.9bn to protect critical Saudi infrastructure.

3 Responses to “Why Create Enemies? Here is Why.”

  1. rbank says:

    This seems like ethnic cleasing to me. A 75 year old grandmother is not a terrorist, a baby or a small child is not a terorist. A government begs for our help and they were an ally. I am heart sick. I have always felt that the Jews got treated very poorly thoughout history and I believe that they deserve a good life, but their government is wrong and the Bush administration is wrong to stand behind them. I called my congress people today and was thanked for giving them my views. I guess it was refreshing. This really scars me, but not because of what our leaders are saying to scar us, but because of the Karma that will come due to their behavior.

  2. aviv says:

    i think you forget about the dozens of israeli civilians that are murdered every day by rockets that are aoimed directly at civilians and not mistakes made by the israeli army that aims at terrorists

  3. Jesse says:

    Hey Aviv…
    First of all the rockets fired at Israel are not guided.

    Second of all…here is why Israeli “civillians” are legitimate targets…click here!

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