What We Hear About Hezbollah and What We Don’t Hear About Israel

Being that I don’t have the stomach to watch FOX News this week and being that MSNBC news is pretty much a joke I have been watching a lot of CNN so that I can measure the current extent of media deception related to the Israeli invasion and obliteration of Lebanon. It seems to that CNN really likes telling us in detail about the Hezbollah weaponry. They don’t say much about the Israeli weaponry however.

A lot of attention has been paid to the Katyusha rockets used by Hezbollah. We have been told time and time again that they are being loaded with ball bearing so that they can cause damage when they land. Today I heard CNN tell us about how they are now being made larger and more powerful. As a matter of fact the new versions of this rocket are capable of having 250 lbs of explosive. Of course CNN, in a blatant attempt to exaggerate the situation described the 20 lb. bomb as a half of a 500 lb bomb. Unbelievable! Why not just say it has a fraction of the power of a nuclear bomb and start refereeing them to as nukelettes?

On the other hand Israel has openly declared that common rules of warfare do not apply to this conflict and they will use any weapons that they deem necessary. So what do they do? They bombard civilian cities with depleted uranium bombs, phosphorus weapons and some strange new chemical weapons that are burning people, innocent children people. In the mean time both Palestinian & Lebanese medical authorities have been complaining about this - but the U.S. media seems to think that this is not newsworthy. What a surprise.

As I write this CNN had two interruptions to bring us live coverage; one related to air raid sirens in Israel, the other an air strike in Lebanon. The camera in Israel was directly in the city, up close and personal. The camera in Lebanon was pointed at the target from miles away. Hmmm.

On that note, here is a letter from a reader of TvNewsLIES.org:

I am watching BBC which I think is the US version, and comparing it to the live European version…. wow…. hardly know they are talking about the same event…… the US version is totally politically correct, the Euro version is spontaneous, you see the cameraman who was wounded bleeding (just his hand), that’s been cut out, the children who were wounded, cut out, the live commentary of the reporter who says they spoke to Israel several times, told them where they were, all cut out….. reporter now a sophisticated, made up woman in a studio, the commentary voice over by someone else, not the original reporter…..

Can you say cult of false reality? We are living in one, thanks to our media. Think about it!


The Israel You Don’t See on the News - I defy you to watch this and then tell me that the media reports reality!

Days of darkness - The devastation we are sowing in Lebanon doesn’t touch anyone here and most of it is not even shown to Israelis. Those who want to know what Tyre looks like now have to turn to foreign channels - the BBC reporter brings chilling images from there, the likes of which won’t be seen here.

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  1. Passenger57 says:

    I just saw a CNN/Anderson Cooper segment where he picks up ball bearings from what was supposed to be a Hezbollah bombing site,and say something like,”These are made just to kill and injure people” (NOT a direct quote). I yelled at the TV : “Oh,and the Israeli bombs are filled with what-CANDY?!?” And while I do see the bearings, I ALSO see that the buildings AROUND the rocket fragments are still standing - not like the apocalyptic ruins I see in Lebanon.
    Then he goes on a guided tour with Hezbollah, moaning about how the media isn’t allowed to roam freely on their own. I yelled again, “Oh-so you can point out where they may be HIDING??? Go on a tour with Israeli forces and you will see exactly what they WANT you to see,and you’ll LIKE IT!”
    He points out a Lebanese man who he says is “told” by Hezbollah to play pro-Hezbollah music(?) whenever the media comes around….”Yeah-like when in the first Gulf War when they showed Iraqi children with little AMERICAN flags(,big sellers in Iraq),or the photo I saw early in the invasion of Iraq(the second one) of a group of people holding up flags-and one of the flags had an image of Sylvester Stallone as ROCKY BALBOA on it!”
    Finally,he is taken to an ambulance center,where he informs us that Hezbollah lines up these ambulances for the media-then they are told to dramatically tear out of the garage,sirens blaring,but not in response to Lebanese victims;just for show.Cooper explains that Hezbollah “isn’t too subtle” about their PR-but gives them credit for still HAVING a PR department after all that Israel has dished out on them.
    You had to see it (hopefully someone out there did), because words can’t do it “justice”.Cooper was leaning towards Israel so hard that he looked like he was reporting in a gale-force headwind.
    I’ve been yelling at my TV a lot lately…I’m waiting for my TV to yell back,”HEY!! I just MAKE THE PICTURES!!! Why don’t you CHANGE THE FRICKIN’ CHANNEL??!!”

  2. Cheryl says:

    I get so angry about all of this bullshit!
    This is happening RIGHT in FRONT of MY EYES, and I don’t know what to DO about it!
    I can hardly get my breath sometimes…
    Along with other groups, I belong to Amnesty International.
    I write letters, I phone polititians office’s, I sign and foreward petitions…
    Should I go to Gitmo, Palestine and Lebenon help “bring Democracy” to them my damn self?
    This is the world that I’m supposed to leave to my children and grand children etc.?
    I just don’t know what else to do anymore.
    How can someone as strong and savvy as I have always been, be so damn useless NOW?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Here is a petition sponsored by “Jewish Voice For Peace”. http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/jvfp/petition.jsp?petition_KEY=323

  4. Cheryl says:

    Here is a petition sponsored by A.N.S.W.E.R…. http://www.answercoalition.org/
    When the page opens, scroll down (just barely) to: Take Action: Stop Funding Israel….

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