Heard From Hezbollah Lately?

After five years of learning so darn much about why al Qaeda hates Americans (he said with a comedic sarcastic tone), on TV, from everyone except an al Qaeda member, we should be used to learning about people from sources other than the people we are learning about.

Have you ever seen an al Qaeda member interviewed? On that same note…how much of the Hezbollah side of the Lebanon demolition project have you heard? How much have you heard about Hezbollah that came from sources and representatives that were not directly related to Hezbollah?

As the theme of TvNewsLIES.org implies…think about that. How absurd is it that the only people we are not hearing from is Hezbollah. They are alive. They have mouths. They can speak. Where are the western journalists? Where are the video camera? Where are the microphones?

Stop falling for propaganda. We do not need to listen to so called experts on people who currently exist. There is no need to analyze living people who can speak for themselves.  We listen to these so called experts as if they were historians. Well, we don’t need to listen to experts until the current events they pontificate about become history. It is nothing but propaganda. Nothing! Think about it!

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  1. Archie D. Bunker says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m suspecting a deliberate controlled demolition of the three story structure in Qana. I don’t know of any time in history when a three story house has just collapsed like that many hours apparently after it was hit by something, we don’t really know what.

    One man said it was not even a bomb, but a large cucumber like object. Since when do cucumbers cause three story houses to just collapse? And many residents reported sounds of explosions several hours later.

    There are too many unanswered questions here, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first time this government has done false flag operations.

    I’m just saying let’s have an independent investigation, and not let these criminals get away with perhaps murdering their own citizens.

  2. frida says:

    hezbulla have a voice and it’s heard in the middle east, i live in jordan, watch al-arabiya, al-manar or al-jazeera and all the arab channels, they speak out, all you have to do is listen

  3. Peace=Justice says:

    To Archie D. Bunker,

    Where did you hear that the building “collapsed many hours apparently after it was hit by something”? American Media?

    I have been watching CNN/FOX/ABC and others, and if you compare to other channels from Europe or the ME, you would have hard time to think they are reporting on the SAME story!? I did not hear this except on American Media which was relaying what the IDF said about the building and not local witnesses!

    Besides, even if this was true, so what? Close to all buildings in ME are built in the form of a steel reinforced concrete frame (not from wooden frame as they are in the US). Is it difficult to imagine a scenario where the bomb fell within feet of the building, and only caused a big distress to the concrete poles on that side, and with the weight of the 3 stories above it, the whole structure gave way and fell some time after the attack? The WTC was hit and was on fire for a while before it went down on 9/11? is the conclusion that someone there did something to collapse it to make Al-Qaeda look bad!?

    You make it sound like Hezbollah killed those people to cause the world to think Israel did it! Did Israel need help in this area? They had killed many civilians before Qana? Have you forgotten the UN building? Have you forgotten the Ambulances? Israel’s VALUE for human life has NO VALUE!. Hospitals are legitimate targets because a “Hezbollah operative is SUSPECTED of being there”! Hezbollah cared more about the civilians of Lebanon more than the government of Lebanon did. Don’t forget they are a Social Organization as well that has schools, hospitals, shelters and economic aid. Without that social aid they would not have had any support. How can anyone imagine that those people will kill any of their civilians to make Israel look bad, at a time when Israel was doing just fine on it’s own in that arena!

    Peace=Justice and there is no justice without the truth!

  4. Peace=Justice says:

    To Frida,

    I think what Jesse is referring to is the fact that we don’t see Hezbollah interviews in the western media, and more specifically by American media in this country.

    While Hezbollah is interviewed on Arabic channels and perhaps others, we only see parts of those and translations and then Analysis go on speaking of how “tired” Nasrallah looks and what could that mean to the war,….etc, instead of sending an interviewer to ask him questions so that the audience can draw the analysis.

    Peace=Justice and there is no justice without the truth!

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