London Explosions, Tragic Yet Trivial

Take the horror and tragedy assigned by our media to the explosions in London yesterday, and multiply it by about 4 and you have your average day in Iraq. The only difference is that the events in Iraq are happening for no other reason than the US and the UK created a situation in which they could and would take place.

However tragic yesterday’s events were, they were trivial as compared to what goes on in the non-white nations of this world.

Also, while every network tried to frighten us again with their overblown coverage of the events they ignored the real threat that will kill us and is killing us right now and was newsworthy yesterday, and that is George W. Bush’s anti-environmental policies and how he will not even cooperate with the nations of the G8 to slow down global warming. Which do you think can and will kill more people, train bombs or global warming? Hint: Train bombs won’t kill off our food supply! Think about it!

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  1. punditman says:


    I agree that this happens everyday in Iraq - a direct consequence of the Anglo-American invasion -but I would hardly characterize the London bombings as “trivial.” What they show is that the War on Terror is a failure (not surprising when you are attempting to wage war on an “abstract noun,” to quote Louis Lapham).

    Security could not have been tighter and yet still they succeded. This shows that bombers can bring mayhem and destruction - seemingly at a time of their own choosing - right to the doorstep of Bush and Blair.

    While numerous attacks have apparently been foiled, all it takes is the odd spectacular success to demonstrate that the policies of the West continue to engender a spreading militancy in the Islamic world, and that according to the West’s own intelligence services, the Iraq invasion has served as a recruiting tool for a new generation of freelance Jihadists.

    But most of all, these bombings indicate that if there is not a fundamental shift in direction, we are promised more of the same for decades.

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