Virtually All Israelis Are Legitimate Targets in Times of War

First off, let me say that I am pointing this out for two reasons. One, I truly believe that any leader of any nation, organization, or group, who makes a political decision to send people to kill other people should be the first and only casualty. If armed groups practiced this approach we would have eternal peace. The second reason I am pointing this out is to expose another brick in the largest wall of hypocrisy and propaganda the world has ever seen; and that wall is the wall that is built around Israel by the media of the world; most notably the American media.

We keep hearing about how Hezbollah is firing rockets into Israel and that the Israeli “civilians” are under attack. Well, I have news for you; the Israeli civilian population IS the Israeli military and should therefore be considered a legitimate military target by any sane military strategist.

Unlike Lebanon, In Israel, with very few exceptions, every male and female is obligated to serve in the military. This even means that Israeli children must be considered future soldiers. Even after an Israeli serves in the military most must remain on reserve status until their mid fifties.

In essence, a majority of the Israeli population are actually soldiers, reservists or future soldiers and must be considered as such by any nation who is at war with Israel. Soldiers are legitimate military targets. Period, end of story.

On the other hand Israel can label anyone, anywhere as a legitimate target simply because they do not have the resources to leave their homes and pass through bombed out roads to live “somewhere else.” Americans, especially those who lived through Hurricane Katrina, should understand how damn stupid and outrageous that position is.

Now do you see how stupid this whole thing is? It’s a word game where people die and the people who made the game get to live. If we eliminate from the face of the Earth, every leader who chooses war over peace we and will live in peace. If we eliminate from the face of the Earth every leader who chooses to put resources into war and killing rather than into the advancement of mankind and life on Earth we will possibly be able to reach our human potential.  Only then will we legitimately be able to lay claim to being the highest life form on Earth. Think about it!

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4 Responses to “Virtually All Israelis Are Legitimate Targets in Times of War”

  1. Wanda Y Datso says:

    I think it’s soldiers who are to blame for war. When any war starts I always remember Oliver North when he told the Iran Contra investigators that if the President told him to go stand in the corner, he would do it, because he was a soldier that followed any orders from his superiors. If you are forced into the military, one should still be responsible as a human being and refuse to fight no matter what. I think it’s better to be killed than kill, but that’s hard practice when we’ve evolved a nervous system based on survival.

  2. Cheryl says:

    When you’re old enough, will you PLEASE be our president?!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Also, your post reminded me of how yet ANOTHER “Democrat” who makes the “power to the people” speeches, then stabs us in the back when we aren’t looking.
    I’m talking about Rangle.
    And please NOTE that he wants to give THE PRESIDENT TOTAL and COMPLETE POWER to decide just WHO will serve in “uniformed service” (combat) as opposed to who will serve in NON-combat capacity.
    He is selling out his country and ESPECIALLY minorities (of which he is a member)!!

  4. Jesse says:

    RE: Comment by Cheryl on August 7, 2006 9:50 pm

    When you’re old enough, will you PLEASE be our president?!

    I’d be assasninated!

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