CNN’s Tony Harris – Caught on Air! Racists & Biased!

This morning, as CNN was running their little news brief clip, they were showing one of their vital hard news items…a story about the TV show American Idol. Apparently the fill in anchor Tony Harris, an African American male, did not know his microphone was still in because when some obviously untalented African American with frizzy hair and a bad voice was shown singing at the American Idol tryouts he uttered “Cynthia McKinney was there!” Cynthia McKinney, for those of you who do not know, is a Democratic Congresswoman who just lost a primary yesterday. She is one of the only members of Congress who is involved in the 9/11 citizens inquiry.

This statement is coming from the same Tony Harris who along with his studio mate and on scene reporter was almost gloating when the prospect of the elite ruling class member Joe Lieberman winning as an Independent was discussed earlier in the program. Yes, CNN started telling the people that it is very possible that an Independent can win in Connecticut, thus making any possible election fraud less of a concern to the public if they chose to steal another election!

The comment about Congresswoman McKinney would have resulted in a race related firing had Tony Harris been white. His comment should result in a firing for sheer unacceptable bias, unprofessionalism and just plain stupidity for saying something like that during a live show into a microphone even if it supposed to be turned off!  Think about it!

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One Response to “CNN’s Tony Harris – Caught on Air! Racists & Biased!”

  1. Passenger57 says:

    I did not hear Harris’ comment, but I knew from just LOOKING at this guy and LISTENING how he talks for a minute or two that he was a brown(er) - nosing shitkicker . The kind of guy that would laugh at someone who insulted him - if the guy could help him move up the ladder. He made his unfunny McKinney crack in the hopes that “They” would remember him the next time they need a “temp”.
    Tio insult a Black woman’s hair - let alone insult her the day after she loses a race- shows just how much of a CHUMP Harris really is.

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