Boo! Are You Still Frightened?

What do you think will kill more people: 10 hijacked planes flying into buildings, or a government decision to ignore global warming? What do you think will kill more people: a suitcase nuke going off in a city, or a nation that can not afford basic health care? Who do you think really threatens the lives of the people of this nation: lone terrorists or terrorists dressed up as a presidential administration and a Congress?

Reference: Click here to find out exactly why George W. Bush is the worlds leading terrorist! 

One Response to “Boo! Are You Still Frightened?”

  1. Brian Lathe says:

    Jesse: I see people of the LEFT always bringing up issues like health care (or some form of universal / national health care), education, prescription drugs for the aged, and so on. All of these are issues that cost millions and possibly billions of dollars. No matter how much “wellfare” or assistance is thrown into the marketplace by the government, there will always be a missed program that the LEFT can bring up and throw in everyone’s face. It’s a never ending battle until we become a completely socialized nation. And if that were to happen, we’d have a whole bunch of mediocrity. We’d “have it all”, but nothing would be good or great.

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