Just a Public Yet Private Thank You

Today I want to relate a personal message, not my usual commentary.

For those of you who are familiar with TvNewsLIES and my personal story you know that I left my career to undertake this mission. You also know that personal income and health insurance are now distant memories for people like me who chose to use our skills for the benefit of all instead of personal/financial gain. You also know that I seem to be suffering from terrible 9/11 related respiratory problems. You also know that it costs me about $100 to visit my doctor and it cost me over $100 per month for medication.

Well, along with receiving many supportive message via e-mail and telephone I occasionally receive donations that not only able me to keep going but provide me with a real emotional boost. Kind words and offerings make me feel like my efforts are truly appreciated. They are my compensation and inspiration.

That being said I want to issue a public thank you to one specific reader while keeping this person’s identity private. I want to thank my latest guardian angel for offering and then sending me two months worth of asthma medication saving me not only the cost of the medicine but the price of a doctor visit.

While all gestures are truly appreciated some gestures are so humbling that I can not think of a sufficient way to show my appreciation. Perhaps this message will serve the purpose.

What may seem like a little to one person may seem like a whole lot to another person. Think about it!

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