CNN’s Scare Week

This week CNN has decided to dedicate itself to scaring the American public into thinking that the only serious threat to us is rogue terrorists with ties to Islam. They will point out every little theoretical target for a would-be terrorist. We have not seen this kind of scare mongering since the Republican National Convention!

Interestingly enough some of the apparent sponsors of this media event are Jewish/Israeli groups who have taken out ads to tell the American public that someone has to stop Hezbollah before they threaten us. Give me a break!

Have CNN and the UJA taken the time to warn the American people about any real dangers that Americans face each day. Like, oh, say, fluoride in our drinking water, Bush’s environmental or I should say anti-environmental polices or the risks to our health posed by genetically modified foods? Did the Anti-Defamation league take out an ad on TV asking us to help Israel stop AIDS, cancer or heart disease? Why is it that the only thing that Americans are supposed to protect ourselves from is Muslims?  Think about it!

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