Your New York Yankees, Not Mine – American Values, a Human Disgrace

We live in a nation that claims to have values. Well I see American values and you can keep them for yourself. I want nothing to do with American values.

American values demand that we pay school teachers and EMS workers as if they were menial laborers while they pay a baseball player, who plays a god damn game for a living, a quarter of a billion dollars!

Nothing personifies American values more than the New York Yankees in their quest to build a new stadium. The New York Yankees are building a new stadium because their classic historic stadium is not opulent enough for these overpaid children who never developed any skills past those learned when by many five years old children. I have nothing against professional athletes, or entertainers for that matter, but let’s face it, they provide nothing to further or support our existence. They are a drug for the masses and they get to play a game for living while the rest of us work our asses off in order to eat and live indoors.

Now the Yankees are getting ready to destroy a neighborhood park, where good hard working non-wealthy people take their morning runs and bring their children to play, so that they can have their new ball park. But that’s not the best part…the new stadium will have fewer seats than the old one. But…it will have more luxury boxes normally reserved by rich corporations who will no doubt use some of their tickets to bribe politicians in some technically legal way! Obviously the stadium will have fewer affordable seats (if you can consider the price of the cheap seats affordable), so Joe school teacher and Mary EMS worker will no longer be able to take their child to see Alex Rodriguez play and get paid $155,000 for each game the Yankees play! Forget about the local grocery store worker who can not even see the Yankees on TV because cable TV charges their viewers too much money even though they receive a fortune from their advertisers! (Why the hell do we pay for TV and still have to watch ads? Aren’t the ads supposed to pay for the cost of TV, just like broadcast?)

Yes, the Yankees are doing exactly what the Bush administration and the Republican fascists are doing. They are making America a place where only the extremely wealthy can enjoy life. They are even taking baseball away from the common man. Greed is now the only aspect of American values that counts. Say what you want about liberals, but this, my friends is the mission of the right wing and guess what…mission accomplished! Think about it!

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