Attention New York Times: It’s Called “CIVIL WAR”

The New York Times used the term: “Full-Scale Sectarian Fighting” to describe the current events in Iraq. This is pretty obvious intentional shaping of public opinion. Newspapers normally find the shortest and most concise descriptions when preparing headlines. In this case the NY Times had to use four words (nine syllables) to describe the situation in Iraq just so that they can avoid using a term that would officially seal Iraq as a Bush administration failure: “Civil War!” It is a pretty far stretch to try and tell a thinking person that full scale sectarian violence is something other than civil war but the term civil war screams “Bush failure”  in Iraq. The establishment media can not do this because they work in cooperation with the rest of the establishment. They are not journalists and they are not working to preserve our democracy; they are our enemy.

There are many words and terms that the NY Times and their partners in crime (I mean that literally) in the media neglect to use. Here are a few words that a real news media would have been using for the past five years: lie, liars, crime, criminal, violation, unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, dangerous, deceptive, deceit and destructive. I am sure there are more words that we would have heard, had we a real journalism industry. But for now we have to settle for “full scale sectarian violence!”  Think about it!

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  1. gregory nixon says:

    I think the notion of Bush’s “incompetence’” in Iraq quite false. The rogue network of private miltary contractors that really run the U.S. have set this whole scenario up. THEY WANT CIVIL WAR AND CHAOS, IT”S BY DESIGN. THEY ARE FOMENTING THE “insurgency” As long as there is instabilty, there is the pretext to stay. The Bush regime criminal junta is NOT incompetent. The BS phony Liberal “Left” is incompetent. Iraq, to the Bush regime, is a huge success.

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