U.S. Military: Not Loyal; Obedient!

To witness the members of the military profess their loyalty to the current Commander in Chief and Republican Congress is like watching an abused woman stand by her abuser.

These soldiers are either masochists who appreciate being lied to, abused and under-funded, or they are oblivious to reality. On the other hand perhaps they are just doing what the Nazi soldiers claimed to be doing, following orders.

I have a feeling that the troops are trained to be obedient, not loyal, because one can only be loyal to ones’ own. When someone is abusing you or lying to you they are no longer worthy of loyalty. Loyalty is conditional upon ones’ being worthy of loyalty. But if you are ordered to stand by your leader regardless if that leader is good to you or good for you, you are being obedient.

So let’s call it what it is…our military is obedient, not loyal, for if they were loyal they would be loyal to their nation, not to an insane idiot who took control of the nation via electoral coup! Think about it


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