So How Should We Payback the Media?

I am obviously very angry at the corporate media. If I had my way with them…let’s just say things would get messy. So I ask you…what is a just way to address their lies and deception?

Use this as another example that made me want to become very violent: Brownie, you know, the guy who did a “heck of a job” as head of FEMA during hurricane Katrina, just came out and told the public that the Bush administration wanted him to lie about the failings of the White House in handling that disaster. The media virtually ignored this, as they have every single piece of evidence exposing the lies and crimes of the Bush administration. How are we supposed to feel about this? Where are we supposed to direct our anger?

I have been perhaps the only media critic that does not advocate fighting corporate media. My approach is to expose by educating the people as to how to spot the deception, therefore rendering them useless. But in the meantime where are we supposed to direct our anger at them? Are we just supposed to let it go?

I am not advocating a revolution in this nation, although we surely can use one, but if one ever does show up you can all head to D.C. and take it back from the criminals. I will head on over to the network headquarters in New York. Until them I’ll just keep exposing the criminals in the media. Maybe when enough people know a justified action may be taken! Think about it!

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  1. tinalouise says:

    Perhaps, the continuous fight against corrupt, foolish, dangerous governments and media will soon be needless - if we continue to build independent media outlets like TV News Lies and continue to build grassroots organisations that fill the many gaping holes left by government ….then one day, we will have created a reality very different from the one we now have.

    It is little steps that are taking a long time - but I do feel progress in some ways. I think it is like looking at our current structure of existence as a pyramid with those in power at the top not giving a damn what happens to those at the bottom - they still stay on top whatever.

    We can’t all get up to where they are and fighting them is tough - so I vote we all step away and when enough of us do, the pyramid will be small and insignificant. We create our own media, find our own solutions and live with respect for our neighbour and the planet that provides for us…and we may just get somewhere.

    I remain an eternal optimist - and eternally grateful for the wealth of intelligence, wisdom and sense I find amongst many in the ‘alternative’ movements and here on the net.

    Tina Louise

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