What’s the Real Threat?

With the Cold War being over it may very well be that the greatest threat to our national security is indeed terrorism. What is not discussed, especially by our media, is that the national security threats are not even close to being the greatest threats to the well being of Americans.

The media have been treating national security threats as if they were the only thing that can harm us and they have been evaluating the severity of the threats accordingly. In reality our lives are in far greater danger by threats such as crimes (murders) committed by people using guns, drunk drivers, environmental crime (some of which is being encouraged by the Bush administration), cancer and heart disease. If you were to total up the deaths in this nation and place each into a category according to their cause, national security risks are not even in the top 20 and they may not even be in the top 50.

Why then are we only worried about protecting ourselves from a pimple when there is a mountain to fear? Think about it!

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