Complete Corruption

From the EPA to the FCC, America is experience an epidemic of corruption that is difficult to comprehend! Every day produces a report on how information is being changed, hidden, modified, purged or simply fabricated by agency after agency. We are being lied to every single day on virtually every single issue.

From global warming, to Iraq’s connections (or lack of) to al Qaeda, to destroyed FCC reports, to buried reports on the air at ground zero after 9/11 intentional lies are burying this nation. Officials are being appointed by the Bush administration for the sole purpose of controlling information and misleading the public. This is called lying. There is no other way to describe it.

These lies are leading to the end of democracy, to massive death (when they involve health, war, environment, food, etc.) and to a fascist state. Information is being reshaped by our government so that it supports political/religious ideology or corporate/individual profit. Our society has been completely hijacked and it is difficult to imagine a legal and peaceful solution to this problem.
Outside a forceful replacement of our authorities I see no real solution to our problems. Think about it!

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