Novak & Miller - Why They Are Criminals

If you want to know why Bob Novak and Judith Miller are real criminals, and why, as journalists they violated the trust of the people, it is because they knew that there were people in the White House who committed treason and they let us vote for this administration without being informed of that information? Novack is a regular on CNN. They are supposed to be the most trusted name in news. How do you trust an organization that does not let you know who the criminals in our own government are?

It was their responsibilty as journalists to inform the public that acts of treason were committed from within an admistration of a president for whom Americans were about to vote.

If the Plame case was about a child molester and not about treason would the public feel more outrage? Would reporters and Bush supporters think that Novak and Miller should spill the beans on the identity of their source had the source been a child molester? If they published articles on how child molesters lure children and in the process they interviewed a person who molested children, would they be considered heroes for keeping the identity of their source secret? How much you want to bet that they would have been fired and that the red state Republicans would be up in arms! The bottom line is that these journalists have protected the identity of people who have committed treason. That’s a lot worst than lying about oral sex; let’s treat it accordingly. Think about it!

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