Democrats, Meet Your Enemy;! has become the official gatekeeper of the left. has become the most powerful political action committee of the so called grass roots democrats yet if you take a real close look at this organization you will find it to be a deceptive dangerous enemy of true democrats.

Let us examine nothing more than one issue that exposes this gatekeeper for what it is…elections! Yesterday, as has happened before, a representative from called me to “talk to me!” I asked him if he knew exactly who I was. He did not, so I told him. Then I asked him about the two biggest issues of the day that are being completely ignored by; stolen elections and 9/11. I am going to ignore the 9/11 issue right now but nobody in their right mind can say that the legitimacy of the electoral process does not go hand in hand with the claimed agenda of; most specifically to get people to vote for democrats!

I spoke for a few minutes about the fact that Moveon is using its power, and it has a lot of power, to get people to vote yet they know that the overriding issue of our electoral process is the question surrounding manipulated voting results. The person I was speaking with acted like a zombie. There was not a serous response to any of my questions. This was either a complete moron ( or this person was on a mission to herd democrats into a false sense of security while criminals continue to subvert our democratic process.

I asked this person if he thought it made sense to keep trying to get people to vote while they ignored the fact that their votes would not count. The person replied by politely telling me that they (Moveon) had their own agenda. I asked if that agenda was to get people to vote for democrats. He said yes. I said “so you are getting people to vote even though their votes are not being counted?” I asked if he thought that made sense. He just said that it seems that we had different priorities and that he should “move on” now. I told him that the Moveon agenda reeked of gate keeping! He was silent. I am not surprised. Moveon is a gatekeeper.

So to sum it up, Moveon is pretending that we are in an era of politics as usual. They are taking millions of dollars from democrats so that they can pretend that they are working to get more people to support the democratic agenda and cast votes for that purpose. They are doing all this without addressing the well documented issue surrounding election fraud in this nation. Does that make sense to you?

The validity of our elections is the most important issue related to the survival of our democracy and our freedom. A legitimate press would know that and would be making this the number one issue of the day…every day….until the problem us solved. It is their mandate.

The bottom line is this…any organization that purports to address political issues via the democratic process without addressing the very serious questions surrounding that process is either to stupid to be trusted or is sinister in its nature. Think about it!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I have also questioned them in the past (Iraq, 911) and received no response.
    They are indeed the “Gatekeepers” to “The Fascists-In-Waiting”.
    Their agenda? To force on (what is left of) our democracy the same glass of deadly poison as the repugs.BUT with a spoonful of sugar.
    The “sugar” being that they call themselves Democrats. AND IT WORKS!
    WATCH as the snivling Dinos rush to gulp it down, while attacking you, me and every other intellegent, non-suicidal, REAL AMERICAN who speaks the truth about them, and demands better! Go to the forums on crooks and liars, daily ‘kos etc. and you will see what I mean.
    Sometimes, it just feels like such a lost cause.
    But then I remember that feelings aren’t “facts”.
    Keep your head up, Jesse!
    I don’t think you realize what a lifeline you are!

  2. worldman says:

    Yeah, good thoughts. How often have you gone to vote, feeling nonobligated towards any particular candidate, then noticing the choices and thinking “This is what I came to vote for?”
    Which one is not going to lie to me after they get into that office? Disregarding the party line, have they been gotten to by ‘dirty rotten scoundrels’?
    You know, like W, Dicky, Condy, blowhards, etc.
    Electronic voting how efficient. And trustworthy too, I’m sure some politician has stated so…
    May The Force be with us!

  3. sonsofliberty says:


    I would be more impressed with your solution, versus the badgering of someone who obviously doesn’t have a clue. That’s one of the problems with so-called political elitist. They are very quick to pick out a problem, but lack closure. Sounds like dubya, blow the shit out of Iraq now what do we do? By the way, illegal immigration is a real issue and that wasn’t mentioned either. The silent undeclared vote only talks about immigration, I know I’ve made a few hundred calls for Unlike the person you talked to, I am versed in 9/11 and the voting machines problems. Mehlman has repugs asking for their absentee ballots in his emails. The repugs are aware as well. But, at the end of the day, I can’t accept the lies anymore and I can’t handle the money flow of corporate America changing and manipulating our lives like we are pieces on a chess board.

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