Liberated Iraq

I think that it is pretty safe to say that when George W. Bush and his mouthpieces in the media claim that Iraqis have been “liberated” by the American invasion on that sovereign nation (that never once in its history threatened us), it is the same as saying that the people who were jumping to their deaths out of the burning World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 were being “liberated” from terrorism! It’s their logic; not mine! Just a thought. Think about it!

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  1. sonsofliberty says:

    Although I couldn’t agree with you more, I still believe you got to follow the money. With the tip of the iceberg with Jack Abramnoff coming out and other organizations like the K Street Project, good ole’ corporate America needs some accountability. Put a few CEO’s into jail, I mean real jail, not Danbury, a real jail. Then the rhetoric spewing out of administration mouths would change, people like Ken Lay would of been a nice beginning, but the list is long and distinguished and they are the people enabling the corruption.
    Just a Thought

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