CNN’s Soledad O’Brien; Exposed Again

It is one thing to take part in a relentless campaign of deception, as is the US corporate news media. It is another thing to be obvious about it. You see our nation is so oblivious to the obvious that even the most flagrant examples of hypocrisy and deception go completely unnoticed.

Today I watched CNN’s Soledad O’Brien grill a guest who was pushing the idea of having some of our nation’s school teachers carry guns in the classroom. He outlined several reasons why he thought this would help reduce the number of deaths related to school shootings. O’Brien shot back, so to speak, by rightfully countering him by mention the facts that in reality the numbers of deaths as a result of school shootings was not really that great and that having teachers carry guns may not be worth the effort. She had a point.

The problem is that Ms. O’Brien never made this very logical and accurate point when discussing any issue related to the constant state of terror the media and the Bush administration are keeping us in.  Compare the global number of deaths resulting from terrorism to the global number of deaths from smoking, drunk driving, slipping in the bathtub or let’s just say…pollution. Terrorism does not even show up on the list. As a matter of fact it is very likely that the number of innocent Iraqi civilians who were killed by Americans during the invasion may actually outnumber the total number of people who lost their lives as a result of terrorism in the history of the world.

Just today a report was issued claiming that two million lives are lost each year as a direct result of pollution yet O’Brien does not point this out when she reports on the amount of money spent on homeland security.

There are many threats to our lives. The truth is that our government, in its present state are not only responsible for many of them but they actually represent many of them. It would be nice if we had a real journalist on TV who would report this factual information to the public. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, as are all her peers in the corporate media, Keith Olbermann aside, are clearly not real journalists and she makes that clear to anyone who cares to take notice. Think about it!

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