I Told You, and I Am Telling You Again

Back in March I wrote an article explaining, in detail the principles of the Bush administration. I sited specific philosophies of the current crop of neocons who control our government. I explained how lying, deceit and even evil are justified to these people when it comes to achieving or maintaining power. I explained how these people have no interest in compassion, the environment, religion or caring for the people although they must “maintain the impression” that they do.

The recent reports by Keith Olbermann about the Bush administrations use and abuse of the religious right is the latest and perhaps greatest piece of evidence supporting my explanation. The Olbermann report virtually mimics some of my assessment. For those of you who want to dig further into the Olbermann story please read my article. I reposted it under the POLITICS heading. It is called “Required Reading for Bush Supporters.” (It is a permanent link on the front page of TvNewsLIES.org)

For those of you who have not read the article…what are you waiting for? Read it…and pass it along…to EVERYONE you know! It’s about time the people of this nation started to understand their leaders…for real! Think about it!


Article: Required Reading for Bush Supporters

Report: Olbermann, on Bush & the Religious Right

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