A Word About the News “Business!”

Let’s get one thing clear when we discuss the news media: journalism is not a business; it is a requirement of democracy! The press is the only “business” that is protected by the U.S. Constitution because the framers knew that a free and legitimate press needs to be in place in order to protect our democracy. When we speak about the media, bias, ratings etc. keep in mind that news is not a business; it is a staple of democracy. Without it we do not have a democracy.  Think about it!

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  1. Stervyatnik says:

    The press SHOULD be providing objective coverage of government, shining an unbiased “flashlight” on government, so the people can make informed decisions.

    Unfortunately, the idea(l) is far from the actual. The left-leaning press is providing good cover for one-half of the two party system, and what the people get is a distorted, contrived picture of the political machinations going on. This is especially irresponsible - and dangerous - in an election season.

    Two examples should suffice to illustrate this: The Mark Foley Scandal, and the Harry Reid Scandal.

    Foley, accused of sexual improprieties via emails and instant messages, (rightfully) promptly resigned his seat from Congress, and is today skulking in shame on the peripheries, with the occasional surfacing to blame alcoholism, or childhood molestation, or the excuse du jour. The press, though, has not been content to simply objectively report this. They have kept what should be a “dead” story alive, with editorialized stories (or storified editorials?) calling for a gamut of Republican resignations related to Foley’s behavior. This is far beyond the scope of the scandal, and most would agree, with a cursory examination of history, that the coverage is much different from past incidents. (Congressman Stubbs, Barney Frank, President Clinton, et al.)

    Compare with the Harry Reid scandal, in which he pocketed $1.1 million in a land deal for which he - or his County Commissioner son - may have “influenced” zoning and developing officials to facilitate the sale. Did I mention Reid neglected to report this little windfall per Senate rules? Only now, caught red-handed, is he scrambling to “redact” his reports and “make it all right.”

    Haven’t heard of the Harry Reid scandal? That just makes my point: The press’ coverage of the two more than adequately illustrates the shameful bias the supposedly “objective” press exhibits.

    That’s not at all what the Founding Fathers intended, I am pretty sure. Today, we cannot trust the press to provide objective reporting on the machinations of government, which we, the people, absolutely need to make informed, responsible decisions about government. It’s especially apparent in this election season.

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