US Media Blacks Out Black Terror News

Can you have a better example of the false sense of reality that the corporate news industry creates for us than the contrast between their coverage of the London bombings and their non coverage of the 30 people, mostly women, who were burned to death by a gang in the Democratic Republic of Congo? These people were “were forced into their huts and their homes were then set ablaze!” Where is the media? Where is the acknowledgement of realty? Where is the information that puts our reality into perspective? Think about it!

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  1. Black Terror, or so called False Flag, operations have been around for a long time. Some have even been rogue black terror, ie, when Presidential Directives issued during wartime are blatantly ignored by the members of the National Security Council who intentionally and independently order US assets to undertake that which has been specifically prohibited by the President.

    The US media has been inundated by article after article submitted by snail mail and by Internet on various Black Terror operations and have steadfastly refused to respond to the irrefutable evidence, such as State Department documents once classified Top Secret and then declassified and put on the Internet, much to the consternation of the CIA. Now we know why; Treason In Wartime.

    Has the press run with this irrefutable evidence? Of course not. Start with Mike Wallace of CBS in 1971, who decided to spike the initial exposure. Continue with Bob Woodward at the Washington Post who spiked the original and updated information in 1984. During the nineties, numerous media organizations have ignored repeated input on the same subject with the same documents.

    So who controls the media? And when a few members of the so called Intelligence Community decided they knew better with respect to invoking their own brand of foreign policy which led to wars that egregious act had disastrous consequences. Most notably, it caused a sitting President to announce he would not seek nor accept his parties nomination for a second term as President of The United States. I’d say that was pretty serious. The underlying tones of media compliance in this matter should send shivers up and down the spines of Americans who still possess that part of their anatomy.

    And this same media compliance for those who wield the power of ‘enterprises’ which either defy the President or provide him with “Plausible Deniability” continues unabated. Freedom of the Press ain’t Free, it is dominated by the dark, nee hidden, hand of those who actually rule this country behind the scenes of those ‘practicing’ the laws of the land.

    And it’s not just the media who rat hole such information. Sure, we should expect that such matters be aired to evoke appropriate responses from government employees who are charged with and have sworn to deal with such matters as part of their oath of office. The recently departed Attorney General, who just happens to be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the country, sat on this information for nearly four years. But, he was not alone. At least two Senators from the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees have done the same damn thing. Must we conclude that all of these patriotic servants of the people are sleeping in the same bed with the media on these matters? Or is it that Treason in Wartime does not matter? Tell that to the families of the men who never returned from carrying out that which the President forbade.

    Without the watchdog mandate of the media for checks and balances in such matters our so called ship of state is or has capsized, torpedoed by those who swore to protect and defend…..rats ass.

    John McCarthy

  2. Another prime example, just in, providing yet another example/excuse for not publishing information on Black Terror. Amazingly enough, I received a similar REASON from a California Congressman, Waxman, a Democrat whose District lies in DOWNTOWN Los Angeles, whereas I live on the Westside, thank God. And yet this same Congressman saw fit to emerge himself heavily in the investigation of the use of steroids by athletes who ALSO lived outside his District, and the State of California at that….double standards, or just shirking his oath of office re national security matters such as treason in wartime….you decide. No one is immune!

    John McCarthy

  3. Just realialized that the above URL only takes you to the comcast page….sorry about that…so here is the nitty gritty excuse in real time…And one would think since they are reluctant to post comments from ‘outside’ their district, as it were, they should also limit the broadcasts of their information to only those living within their damn circulation, and keep it off the Internet, too….that’s only fair, yes?

    From: “Solomon, Gail” [Add to Address Book] [View Source]
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    Dear John:

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    The Desert Sun
    Palm Springs, CA

    Here is a suggestion for your publication. If you will not consider comments on your publication, online, then why not limit your electronic broadcasts to those living within your circulation area and not bother the rest of the country and the world with concerns that only effect you. I would hate to think you would put anything in your publication that might remotely effect any of the taxpayers of Palm Springs as I am sure they could care less about treason, black terror or other issues that may effect their offspring.
    John McCarthy
    Just a Combat Veteran who happens to live in Los Angeles

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