US Corporate Media – America’s Greatest Enemy: Nobody Needs to Know About Election Fraud!

Our current national press is complicit in the crime of starving our democracy to death.

Keep in mind that the press is the only vocation that is protected by the U.S. Constitution. The reason for this is because it is the press that is tasked with keeping our democracy alive and healthy. They are responsible for keeping the public informed about the conduct of the people who hold Constitutional offices and all things related. They are responsible for alerting the public when threats to our democracy or Constitution arise.

Well we now have evidence that that last three elections, one presidential and two midterms, have been subject to massive election fraud that has resulted in reversing the results of American elections; including presidential elections. That’s right folks; George W. Bush was not elected, twice. His cabal, which includes the owners of the two companies that manufacture the majority of the electronic voting machines, stole two presidential elections in the United States of America. This has been fully documented.

Now, as each day passes, new stories exposing what appears to be the largest effort in the history of human kind to manipulate election results go unmentioned on TV and radio news reports. You have to wait for an occasional one time special or report here and there to learn about the rising “concern” about our electoral system but you do not hear the daily reports of actual election crimes taking place now!

When our Constitutional institutions are threatened it is the single most important responsibility of journalists to inform the public of this. Technically nothing else should matter to the press. You can liken this to making sure you have food and water before you do anything else. The press is there to make sure that our democracy has food and water. It is the job of the press to tell the people of this nation when their democracy is in jeopardy. Our current national press is complicit in the crime of starving our democracy to death. They continue to trick the American public into becoming concerned about so called news items that have no impact on the nation; only on a few people here and there while they deliberately refuse to expose the criminals who are tampering with our democracy.

There is no way for me to accurately express how angry I am at the members of the US media. Each time I see a talking head on TV reporting, in detail, news items that affect less than one millionth of the US population, flashes of violence litter my thoughts like a strobe light at a disco. My only hope is that with each expose I present I open the eyes of a few of my fellow Americans and awaken their patriotism. My only hope is that my newly awakened Americans learn to spot their real enemies; and there can be no worse enemy of the American people than the universal lookout/getaway car driver/ and false witness for the rest of the enemies of American democracy…the US Corporate News Media. Think about it!

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  1. Truth Seeker on March 4, 1972 on January 7, 2003 on August 21, 2004, or no, sorry, actually says:

    This is what happens when you have corporate bastards who:

    * Fund campaigns, and then

    * Bribe (euphemism: lobby) the pseudo-elected officials, and then

    * Take over the media

    It’s time for another damned tea party. You think I’m shitting you? Does anyone even read this shit? Why do I bother?

    How does this make me feel? Frustrated isn’t the word–it’s not strong enough. How can anyone see things like the attempts at the privatization (read: raping) of Social Security, and not realize why it’s being done? Why is the Social Security Trust Fund full of IOUs? Perhaps because it was used to hide the illegitimate and rapacious spending that took place during years of “conservative” economic spending? Why the hell don’t people see this and say “NO! HELL NO!”?

    Why do people allow the Military Commissions Act to be signed into law, without batting an eye? Do people really not know how evil this shit is?


  2. Will4e says:

    I agree. The press is either asleep or complicit in repeating the propaganda until it sinks in.

    I really don’t know how you Americans can sleep at night - knowing that your government is torturing people - including innocent people - and allowing your President to take on dictatorial powers to accuse and try people on his own without habius corpus rights.

    The reason, I suspect, is that most people don’t know it because the news that 80% of the people get just doesn’t report it, or when it does it doesn’t explain the context of how bizare it is for people to remain comatose when they are stripped naked of their constitutional and self evident rights.

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