Bush Can’t Fire His Bosses! Promises to Keep Cheney & Rumsfeld

The openly gay self hating Republican (any homosexual who joins a political party, religion or organization that discriminates against or openly hates homosexuals is self hating), just commented that George W. Bush must be insane because he promised to keep Cheney and Rumsfeld until his term is over. Well the only thing that is insane about that is to think that Bush is keeping Cheney and Rumsfeld and not the other way around!

Remember George W. Bush was en empty shell of a human being prior to his run for president. He could not even name a foreign leader forget having a global or domestic agenda. The current Bush agenda was created, in writing, verbatim by the members of the Bush administration prior to Bush even being considered as a candidate, with the predominant policy writers being the PNAC representatives Cheney and Rumsfeld.

How could anyone in their right mind think that Bush can get rid of them? It would be like trying to fire your brain; how would you function? Think about it!

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